WC 2018 Carlsen vs Caruana: Critical Moments, Decision Making, Time Management

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Magnus Carlsen won the World Chess Championship 2018 last month, successfully defending his title against the American Fabiano Caruana. All twelve classical games were drawn, and the Championship was decided in the rapid games of tiebreak. Magnus believed that he is a much better player than Fabiano when it comes to rapid chess, and decided to draw Game-12 even though he had chances to push for a win.

The entire Match has been one hell of a roller coaster ride. Even though all the main classical games were drawn, they were all really interesting and the chess fans were on the edge of their seats (along with the players xD).

Today we are going to analyze some of the critical moments from this World Championship Match, and try to figure out answers for the following questions:

1. Why Caruana (and Carlsen) took so much time thinking to make a move?
2. How do they (top chess grandmasters) manage their time during a chess game?
3. What do top grandmasters do when the game goes out of their preparation?
4. How do they make decisions during critical moments?
5. And so much more..

Our guest coach IM Asaf Givon (who has also created the courses Mastering the Middlegame in Kasparov’s Style, From Opening to Middlegame, and Practical Endgames) has prepared an instructive video lesson for you, analyzing the first game of the World Championship Match. In this video, he explains the reason why both, Carlsen and Caruana, take several minutes to make a move, how they plan, their understanding of critical positions and, most importantly, how they manage their time during the game.

You can watch the video lesson below:


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P.S. Asaf also prepared two video lessons during the start of the WC Match, where he analyzed the strengths of Carlsen and Caruana from their past games. If you missed it, you can find it here and here.

Comments: 19

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