3 Brilliant & Tricky Chess Puzzles Can You Solve All 3

3 Brilliant & Tricky Chess Puzzles

Today let’s analyze 3 brilliant and tricky chess puzzles that illustrate common chess tactical patterns that you can use in your practical games to outsmart …

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3 Chess Puzzles That Will Blow Your Mind! 🤯

Happy International Chess Day 2022 + Amazing Chess Puzzles

Today (July 20) is International Chess Day; so I’d like to congratulate you on this great occasion! 🙂 Thank you for being a chess player, …

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WARNING This Tricky Puzzle Was Used to SCAM Chess Players!

This Tricky Chess Puzzle Was Used to Scam Chess Players!

Today I’d like to share with you an interesting and tricky chess puzzle that was used to scam chess players in the olden days. …

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The World Champion was expecting resignation, BUT...😱

Shocking turnaround in chess history!

Today I’d like to show you one of the biggest turnarounds in the history of chess! It seems like this shocking chess move happens once …

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ROOK vs PAWN! Can you win

Chess Endgame Study: Rook vs Pawn

Today I’d like to share with you a chess endgame study by Richard Réti, who was one of the greatest chess players. You will learn …

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How To Master Chess Endgames

How To Master Chess Endgames

When playing chess, you have to face endgames; but, do you know how to play them? How do you like to master chess endgames? In …

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Minor Pieces in Chess

In chess, bishops and knights are identified as minor pieces. Both pieces are worth three points each. Meaning that their influence on the board is …

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Easy Endgames that Chess Players Must Know

Easy Endgames that Chess Players Must Know

There are many easy wins on endgames. You can beat all kind of chess players by just spending some minutes on learning these easy endgames! …

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Best Chess Puzzle Ever_ _ Solve This If YOU Can!

Best Chess Puzzle Ever? | Solve This If YOU Can!

First, let me remind you that you have only 4 more days to register to our course “Calculate Till Mate”. The registration will be open …

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Solve This If YOU Are A Genius

Only Geniuses Can Solve This Chess Puzzle + Quarantine Mega Bundle

These are tough times for a lot of us due to the coronavirus outbreak. At the RCA, we understand that this crisis may have affected …

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Checkmate with 2 Knights

Checkmate with 2 Knights? + Giveaway

First, I’m very happy to inform you all that the RCA YouTube Channel has crossed more than 64K subscribers. I’d like to take this moment …

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backward pawn in rook endgames

How to Attack/Defend Backward Pawns in Rook Endgames?

Before getting into the lesson, first we’d like to apologize to you for the inconvenience caused as our site went down and, for that reason, …

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rook on the 7th rank

RCA’s Next Course + That Deadly Rook on the Seventh Rank!

Rook Endings are one of the most common and most important endings in chess. And since it comes in the latter part of the game …

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