How I Went From 1600 to 2260 Chess Rating in 1 Year

How I Went From 1600 to 2260 Chess Rating in 1 Year

Today I want to share with you the remarkable journey that took me from a rating strength of around 1600 to getting a FIDE rating …

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How to Win in Chess Every Time and Take the Crown

Chess is a game of strategy, skill, and sometimes, a little bit of luck. While it’s unrealistic to expect to win every single game, understanding …

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Kasparov Spent 83 MINUTES After Karpov's SHOCKING 9th Move 😱

Kasparov Thought For 83 MINUTES After Karpov’s SHOCKING 9th Move 😱

Today I’d like to share with you the second game from the World Chess Championship Match 1987 between Garry Kasparov and Anatoly Karpov. In this …

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6 Unique Middlegame Principles that You Should Know

Chess is a complex and challenging game that requires players to think strategically at all times. The middlegame stage of a chess game is often …

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1 KEY Chess Concept to Win More Games Positional Chess Concept

KEY Positional Chess Concept to Win More Games

Today I’d like to share with you an important positional chess concept that will help you improve your chess skills and to win more games. …

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Open Enrolment to “7 Keys to Victory”

If you want to improve in chess significantly, I’ve got some great news – today we’ve opened enrolment to one of my flagship courses “7 …

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Complete Chess Tactics Guide For Under-1800 Rated Players

Complete Chess Tactics Guide for Beginners & Intermediates

Hi and welcome to the most comprehensive chess tactics guide. Just tactics may feel complicated with over 50 different tactical motifs and thousands of different …

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8 Pawn Structures You Must Know

Pawns may be the weakest pieces on the board, but they are the soul of chess. In this article, we will explore the importance of …

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The Greek Gift: A Chess Sacrifice on Fire 🔥🔥🔥

We will look at an important checkmate pattern called the Greek Gift, sometimes referred to as “the Classic Bishop Sacrifice”. This tactic is the most …

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The Most Important Chess Principles Intro to Top 25 Middlegame Concepts

The Most Important Guidelines in Chess

What is a chess guideline? What is a chess principle/concept? Well, a chess concept/rule/principle/guideline is a certain relatively universal pattern that you can use in …

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A Technique That Will Give You +100 Rating (it's not what you think!)

Upcoming Course about Middlegame Principles

See if this is something familiar to you: after a few opening moves (even those that are memorized perfectly 😊), you arrive at a middlegame …

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Power of the Bishop Pair Chess Strategy

The Bishop Pair Advantage | Powerful Chess Strategy

The bishop pair advantage (also known as the double bishop advantage) is a powerful chess strategy because two bishops can control a lot of squares, …

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How to Evaluate Chess Positions

How to Evaluate Chess Positions? | 4 Key Factors

In this lesson, I will teach you how to evaluate chess positions easily within seconds with the example of the world champion Magnus Carlsen’s games. …

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