Chess moves

Chess moves – Master the Castling

Castling is a move that can often create confusion when you …

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Best Chess Strategy Rules for Beginners

If you have just learned to play chess, surely you must …

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Best Chess Openings for Beginners with White (5) (1)

Best Chess Openings for Beginners with White

In chess as in life, the decisions we make can have …

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Magnus Carlsen vs 1600 player - 5 things to learn!

Magnus Carlsen vs 1600 ELO Player – 5 things to Learn!

Today we are going to analyzes a game played between the …

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Chess Grandmasters SECRETS Revealed 😱 Think like a GM!

How to Think like a Chess Grandmaster?

Before revealing the thought process of chess grandmasters, let me remind …

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Open Enrolment for GM’s Positional Understanding

I’m happy to announce that today we have opened enrolment to …

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Power of the Bishop Pair Chess Strategy

The Bishop Pair Advantage | Powerful Chess Strategy

The bishop pair advantage (also known as the double bishop advantage) …

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How to Evaluate Chess Positions

How to Evaluate Chess Positions? | 4 Key Factors

In this lesson, I will teach you how to evaluate chess …

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Chess Strategies For Beginners

Chess Strategies for Beginners

Chess is super hard for beginners, and even more if they …

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World Chess Champions (Top 5 According To Rating)

World Chess Champions (According to Rating)

How do you compare the world chess champions in history? Chess …

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How to play chess

How to Play Chess: Setting Up the Chessboard

Learning how to play chess and doing it well is the …

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3 Tips On How To Use Pawns in Chess Pawn Structures Strategy

3 Tips On How To Use Pawns in Chess

Before getting to the lesson on pawn structures and how to …

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