Can You Solve the Cat’s Chess Puzzle?

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designCat’s Chess Puzzle

This year, I picked up the cat. Sure enough, it got involved into chess rather soon. 🙂
igor smirnov cat chess puzzleHere we are thinking about a chess drill. By the way, can you solve it?
cat's chess puzzle

White to play 

If you need a small hint, the cat seems to be finding the right path.
igor smirnov cat chess puzzleIt’s the queen that should make a move. But where should it go? After figuring out the solution, check yourself with the answer provided below.

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  • Nicolás Gerardo Cuéllar Canosa


    • It’s good to know your enjoyed it! 🙂

    • male Gupta

      thanks alot.

  • male Gupta

    oustanding sir it is great to see a cat playing chess with her mouth seems that you had also trained cat as a chess player hahhahahah but thanks for the great articel you are always an inspiration sir.thanks alot.what od you thnik about next year candidates tournaments.??

    • With proper training everyone can learn to play well 🙂

      I think the candidates tournament will be very interesting to observe. I don’t think that Carlsen or Kramnik can beat Carlsen in a match, while the other 4 contenders can make Carlsen sweat 🙂

      • male Gupta

        thanks alot sir you are the best thanks alot for all the repleis you had given to every member of this blog you are the best enjoy your birthday in 5 star hotel hope that i will meet you some day .i have palyed some brilliant games on with 2676 player .

  • marwanradman123

    Thank you very much for our teacher … Thank you for this beautiful puzzle and thanks for the hint from our dear cat…

    • Thanks for expressing your gratitude!

      P.S. I love the quote “Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it”.

  • Anup rajawat

    Hello ,can you please tel what are the black best plans against white in Scandinavian (G3) variation what are the things white should remember I am learning this opening right now from your course may be black play bf5 instead of bg4 to avoid h3 and later may be like to exchange light coloured bishop to make less powerful white queenside attack just my observation is it right ?what are the best position for white pieces like from where to develop ( dark coloured bishop bd2 or Be3) regarding queen too ?

    • Hi Anup,

      For Black it’s the easiest to develop light squared bishop to g4. White’s g2-bishop can be restricted by your c6 pawn, and you can play Nd5 anytime.

      However, it’s possible to develop your bishop to f5 (as you suggested). This will lead to more complicated position.

      For White’s it’s better to develop your bishop to e3 (and then the queen may be placed to d2). At the same time you need to watch over Black’s move Nd5 (which can possibly attack your e3-bishop).

      P.S. I can’t explain everything within few lines of text, but hopefully my answer is still helpful for you.

      • Anup rajawat

        Game plansfor black ? You have told there is no particular game plan for black if you are playing d3 in your course I don’t think it is possible otherwise black will not play scanidivian

        • Hi Anup,
          In order to explain the main plans of Black (what, why and how to play) for different possible set ups of White I might need to created a full course about that. For instance, in this way we’ve created dedicated courses about Bogo Indian, and Nimzo Indian defense.

          In light of that, I can’t provide proper explaination within a few lines of text. I took note of your questions, and will consider them while planning future courses.

      • Anup rajawat

        I have made one more observation instead of Be3 I will play bd2 qe1 and than nf4 exchanging light bishop and after that I will continue my queenside attack ? SIR IS IT RIGHT SETUP TOO ?

        • It’s hard to plan your middlegame moves in so many details, your opponent’s moves will influence the situation a lot.

          Instead, pay more attention to the right way of thinking (general principles), and you’ll be able to play well in any position.

  • Anup rajawat

    This is my thinking system I follow this on each move Please review this ?

  • Lovro Glavina

    Hi Igor, in your Self Taught Grandmaster course practical part I don’t know from which to start because I don’t exactly know my strength level. Is it 300 spurt or something else for stronger people? How can I know from which folder I should start objectively?
    P.S. Here’s my FIDE Profile:

    • Hi Lovro,
      Start from the beginning. If those topics are easy for you, you’ll go through them quickly. Anyway, it will help you fill in eventual gaps in your chess education.

      • male Gupta

        whatdo you think about hte demolization of wesley so against carslen in speed chess championship matches that is helding at and carseln blitz rating is 3009 something like that sir .thanks in advacne.

  • male Gupta

    dear igo rsir the contract of world champoonship matches in london is signed by the vice president of fide and other sponser today what d o you think about that event sir and magnus was teh special guest in private party??what d ouou think about the pro blitz cup where kasprov is playing??

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