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In the previous article, I made the announcement that my new book Champion Psychology – A book for future champions will be released this month and also shared with you the cover image of the book. If you missed that, check it now: LINK

Today, I’m very happy to share with you the teaser video on the book prepared by the RCA team. You can watch it below:

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I hope you enjoyed it – you can also share the video with your friends and help them improve their progress in psychology. Moreover, I’d also like to share with you more information about the book and what you can learn from it. 🙂

We live in a world of tough competition. Here you need to demonstrate top performance under stressful circumstances. Moreover, it’s required that you excel in every battle, without any slip-ups.


This book will help you stay cool and do your best, while enjoying the royal game of chess. You’ll learn the most common psychological weapons that top Grandmasters use.

Although the book seems to be about chess, in fact, it’s about YOU and your champion psychology! Hence, it will improve your performance in any sphere of life, including chess.

But before that, let me ask you a few questions: what are the typical psychological problems a chess player faces while playing a chess game? You would definitely have faced psychological problems in your chess career – were you able to identify them and what could be the reason for that?


Here are some of the psychological problems that a chess player faces:

  • Nervousness before/during a chess game. This affects the quality of your play and may even lead to silly mistakes and annoying blunders.
  • Too long a time spent on calculation. Going over the same variations many times.
  • Worrying about your results and rating. Consequently, you may get worse results in rated tournaments compared to friendly games.
  • Frustration (anger) or losing motivation after losses.
  • Last round fear”. You may have played a couple of rounds well. Now you are very close to getting a prize (or performing IM norm etc). When stakes are high, when a single error can strike all your previous achievements – most players crack under pressure. – and the list goes on…

Don’t worry if you have been facing these kinds of blocks or problems, because that is exactly what you’ll learn from this book. After studying it, you’ll be able to overcome those psychological problems and improve your Champion Psychology! 🙂


Stay tuned, as I’ll be sharing much more interesting information about the book in the forthcoming days. 🙂

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Comments: 6

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    1. Hi Yash,

      We will soon publish the book officially. We appreciate your patience.

      Best regards,
      Silvestras | Student Support Officer

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