Chess Calculation Exercise

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How to calculate chess tactics? How to make sure your calculation is both quick and accurate? These are the tough questions for most chess players.

Let’s check your skills through the following position:
chess calculation

White to play

How would you play here as White? Can you calculate the consequences of your choice?

Actually, this position was sent to me by Jonathan – an RCA follower, who wrote me the following email:

“I recently finished studying your course Calculate till Mate, and I’ve really tried to put the calculation and attacking techniques into my game.  I recently finished my first longer time-control game, and it was one of my best attacking games … ever.

The ideas came naturally, I never hesitated and the game was quite beautiful, I thought. When my opponent resigned, my first thought was, ‘that was awesome,’ and the second, ‘I gotta tell Smirnov!’”

And my reaction was “I gotta share it with the RCA community” – because the game and Jonathan’s comments are really instructive. Check it out below!

P.S. If you would like to play similar beautiful games yourself, it’s good time to study the course “Calculate till Mate” now. 🙂

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Comments: 5

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