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First, let me remind you of the recent survey that I published for you. Please help us understand your needs better by taking part in the survey. You can find more details about the survey by clicking the image below:



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Moreover, you’ll get a cool present – my new mini-course “Chess training plan for rapid improvementFREE in return. 🙂



Just have a look at today’s GM games – full of tactical twists and turns, an intense fight for the initiative, sacrifices for dynamic compensation and mind-boggling complications in ALL phases of the game.

Man with Electrode Wires on Head

Nowadays, you simply cannot win a game of chess with an abstract plan. After all, chess is all about THINKING – which is, technically, called CALCULATING!

If you don’t have an EFFICIENT calculation technique, you will continuously get outclassed by players who are strong in those departments of the game. You will LOSE to a tactical oversight after playing 40 good moves game after game after game. Therefore, you will not realize your FULL chess potential.

You only have two choices: adapt to this trend or be left frustrated as your chess results rot away and your progress stalls.


Just as you need to have mathematical calculations at your fingertips in order to solve problems quickly and easily, similarly while playing a game of chess, you should be able to act like a “chess calculator”. 🙂


That’s why we’ve invited our guest coach, IM Attila Turzo, to help you in this topic. Hence, IM Turzo will be conducting a webinar on Sunday 5 July at 10 a.m. New York time (check timings here: LINK).

You can find more details about the webinar and sign up for it by clicking the image below:



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P.S. In future, one of our guest coaches, IM Valeri Lilov, will probably be conducting a webinar for you. The webinar TOPIC is not yet finalized. Hence, you are welcome to suggest some interesting topics! J You can comment on them below. Note: we’ll select the majority choice.
Comments: 21

Comments 21

  1. dear igor chess calculation training webinar has any new ideas or it has the same ideas like calculate till mate?

  2. The webinar will be conducted by Attila Turzo, not by me. Every teacher has his own approach and ideas. It’s good for you because you can learn chess comprehensively.

    P.S. Please, note that this time we stated New York time zone. Please, make sure to come at the right time.

  3. dear igor,i am begging you not to conduct the webinars with lilov and vladim milov they are just worth teacher for remote chess academy they explain nothing so please cancel the webinar you are going to conduct with lilov and invite any other coach.

  4. Thanks for your suggestions, Ayush!
    We don’t plan to make Milov’s webinars. Regarding Lilov, actually I received quite a lot of positive comments from the students. You know, the students have different level, preferences etc and therefore different coaches may suite them the best.

    1. Hi Matthias,
      Igor Smirnov has a busy schedule but I will help you.
      I have provided the link to the video to your personal email address.
      Please let me know if you need anything else.

      Prasaadh | Support Support Officer

  5. dear igor thx for the reply i want to make sure is it useful for me i already purchased it on 30 june. i have doubts related calculation system 1.while thinking about the position in general,checking opponent attacking responses and while applying your thinking system mentioned in bonus lesson of calculate till mate i am glad to tell i was automated it but going into time trouble after doing all these to do it faster?how much time should i spend for it please help me on that. thax a lot for the structured thinking system i like a lot although i had a hard time while automating it i can enjoy success now

  6. Okk Igor thankyu for your reply. Dear Igor ,I have hard time in studying Simon Williams DVD of dragon .the gambler variation of bd7.Simon is a good coach but he is not explaining how he find good moves in complicated positions?? That bonkus my head .please help mei???

  7. Dragon is a complex opening, you should be ready to put efforts to learn it.

    I understand it may seem overwhelming to remember all the lines. The good news – it’s unnecessary. It’s not about learning everything about Dragon, it’s about knowing it a bit better than your opponent. This is a realistic task. With GM Williams DVD it’s very easy to achieve it – just watch the lessons.

  8. When you are in time trouble, you may and should shorten your thinking process. You don’t have time to calculate the variations in such a situation, and you may skip this step. Just make the anti-blunder check.

    The good thing about webinars is you can talk to a coach, we always allocate time for students’ questions. I would recommend that you prepare all your questions in advance them, and ask them during the webinar. You’ll get instant reply.

    1. Hi Dave,
      Igor Smirnov has a busy schedule but I will help you.
      Yes, if you purchase our webinar after attending the webinar. You will receive a video recording to purchased e-mail account in a few days,
      Let us know if you need anything else.

      Prasaadh | Student Support Officer

  9. okkk igor,thankyu so much for this reply.i am not tryingto remember all the lines but i am trying to understand those complex variation with the help of your thinking alogarithm that you have given in your videos and courses.secondly i had to say i am unable to watch your new mini course because of my slow internet speed.what is the solution??i had taken part in the survey to get the mini course for free.??

  10. Hi Ayush,
    Igor Smirnov has a busy schedule but I will assist you.
    Thanks for taking part in our survey.
    The best solution for slow internet is to pause the video until the video finishes buffering so you can watch fully without interruptions. And also disable the HD mode.

    Prasaadh | Student Support Officer
    [email protected]

  11. Hi, I tried signing up for the webinar but i can’t log into my account since your new website came online. It rejects my password and won’t allow me to reset. I sent numerous requests to Support, but they have not responded. How can I re-activate my account?

    1. Hi Calvin,

      I have replied to your email regarding this issue. Our IT department is solving the issue with your account and we will send you an email once it’s fixed.

      Best regards,
      Silvestras | Student Support Offcier

    1. Hi Steve,
      Thank you for purchasing our webinar.
      Yes, you will receive the instructions and entry link before the webinar starts to e-mail id that you used for purchasing.
      Enjoy the webinar.


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