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Nowadays, most chess players learn and practice chess by using COMPUTERS. There are many chess programs like ChessBase, Fritz, etc., and they have a lot of chess ‘engines’ installed (Rybka, Houdini and so on).

Of course, engines are very strong: they calculate a lot of variations and evaluate a position in not more than a minute. The most important question for YOU, though, is: how to use chess engines PROPERLY? How to utilize the great power of chess programs for your benefit?

In order to answer this question, we’ve invited an active chess player – GM Mikhailo Oleksienko – to join us.

He’s the current Ukrainian Rapid Chess Champion, has won a couple of international tournaments and achieved an awesome 2640 rating in 2014.

This Sunday, 12 October, at 4p.m. BST (London time) you can attend GM Mikhailo Oleksienko’s webinar “Chess engines: how to use them properly?”. You can get all the details and sign up here:

<<Sign up for GM Oleksienko’s webinar>>


In the recent article “Opening Traps & A New Course in Spanish”, we released a Spanish translation of the course “An Endgame Expert”. It has had MASSIVE popularity! It seems like chess development is now huge in Spanish-speaking countries. This is a very nice fact indeed!

Moreover, we have released another course for you in Spanish! 😀

NOW you can get the Spanish version of “Your Winning Plan”:

spanish<< Get the course in SPANISH now>>

NOTE: Each additional language pack for a course that you already own is only $7. For example, if you already own an English version of the course, “Your Winning Plan”, you can get its Spanish version for just $7. Get your Language Pack here:LINK

So, now there are a total of 5 courses which are translated into SPANISH. You can check them all here: LINK

If you haven’t even studied an English version of the course, “Your Winning Plan“, this is the right time to do so!

<< Get the course in ENGLISH now>>

Planning is a core element of a chess game. This is also one of the most complex topics to understand. That’s why you might suffer from facing those positions where you did NOT know how to proceed.

The course, “Your Winning Plan”, gives you an integrated system of middle-game planning. Using this method, you will be able to find the right plan in any position.

Unlike average “wood-pushers”, you will not need to remember numerous “typical plans”. Instead, you will UNDERSTAND positions and will KNOW which plan to take.

Below are some of the experiences of my students.

In the course “YOUR WINNING PLAN”, you get clear practical recommendations to help channel your thoughts in each position. It is a systematic approach that guides your thinking process. There is not only attention for pure technical aspects but also for psychological skills. For practice these planning skills there a lot of relevant and varied tasks.

Before I had studied this course, I was not sure in complicated positions when and where I would advance my pawns. Now I know exactly what to do. The 18th century chess master Philidor once say “The pawns are the soul of chess”.

Thanks the concrete recommendations of the course ”YOUR WINNING PLAN” I can give my pawns a soul in my games.

Werner Poets

I bought all your courses in a small period of time. I liked it. No surprise there.It has a great effect on my game. I play stronger and better chess than before.You really seem to know what’s important and what’s not.You have the ability and the knowledge to teach good chess. Loving every bit of it!

Erik Bandsma

I wanted something that will guide me to the right plan without eating up my time. And this is where Your Winning Plan excels!It gives you easy to remember guidelines for planning. Each phase is taken apart in a chapter – Igor takes the time explaining what to look for and why…in a way that’s NOT overwhelming for the student.

At the end of every chapter, Igor gives a summary that the reader can print out and review before a tournament game. (That’s exactly what I did)

Jassen Esguerra


  • Webinar “Chess engines: how to use them properly?”: LINK
  • “Your Winning Plan” in English: LINK
  • “Your Winning Plan” in Spanish: LINK
  • All SPANISH courses: LINK

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