Chess is cool and fun: PROVEN!

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designWe’re going to have some fun today!


There’s a new website that aims to popularize chess. It shares some of the coolest chess content I’ve ever seen. Check it out – you are going to love it!


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Friends of mine have created a new website aiming to popularize chess. It’s an important step forward that every fan should be interested in and am happy to support this new project.


Chess has its own large community. However, the majority of people out there are unfamiliar with chess and would consider it something boring or difficult.

Playing chess needs patience


BUT we can popularize chess, showing others that modern chess is fun and cool!

And it’s not as difficult as some people think 🙂

Yep, sometimes you gotta be serious and learn a lesson or two.

But the results will be overwhelmingly positive. Chess helps you improve lots of mind skills, such as planning, decision making, and creativity …

By the way, it seems to be common for chess players to love water …

Magnus Carlsen in the pool after winning the World Championship title


Everyone will find his/her proper place in the chess world, whatever it may be.

I’ve shared a small piece of the great content the “ChessBee” team has prepared for you. If you like it, check out much more on their website:

ChessBee facebook



Comments: 6

Comments 6

  1. The picture on the homepage is priceless! By the way, a second caption could have been added for the look on the dog’s face on the left: “When you know you’re going to lose.”

  2. Hello!
    I am studying Calcualte Till Mate course and I’m confused.
    I am on the lesson 3: Within the tickets of variation.
    In the first example(in the e book I saw it’s the game Tal-Matanovic) you said that that after black would play h6, white has all in all Three candidate moves: dxe5, Qf3 and Nf3. But why Nf3? It doesn’t make sense. The move Nf3 is a move back and it doesn’t attack anything. Just like you said in your GM’s Secrets course, we shouldn’t consider and calculate and spend time looking at moves back that also don’t even attack anything.

    1. Hi Lovro,

      It’s good to see your in-depth thinking about the course’s content!

      1) Regarding Tal-Matanovic game, by playing h6 Black is attacking White’s g5-knight. Generally, whenever possible, we should not move back, that’s true. But sometimes we have to do so due to specific properties of the position. You should not let an opponent capture your material (pieces, pawns), and at times you’ll have to retreat to save material.

      Similarly, you should not drive your car away from the road, but sometimes (e.g. if a kid suddenly appears in front of your car) – you’ll have to drive off the road, because you have no choice. Hope it makes sense 🙂

      2) In reply to your 2nd question: you should calculate both moves, but more forward one is more likely to be the best.

  3. Hi! One interesting opening question.
    In the saemich variation of the nimzo after 4 a3 Bxc3 5 bxc3 0-0 , IM Danny Rensch says that the move 6. Nf3 is bad for white and that black is going to be almost strategically winning due to his attack on the weak c pawns. But why is 6 Nf3 so bad? It is, according to your courses a very principled move and logical move. Is it really bad, and if yes, why and what else should white play?

    1. Hi Lovro,
      Thank you for your questions.
      GM Igor has a busy schedule and may not be able to answer all the questions.
      This below FAQ will be helpful.

      I am not sure in which course GM Igor suggested to play 6. Nf3 since 5…..c5 is the main move from black in the variation that you are suggesting. This move was not suggested in Opening courses and the nimzo-Indian defence.

      Prasaadh | Support Officer

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