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Chess Online: Why Play It? Discover the Advantages!

Chess Online: Why Play It? Discover the Advantages!

Today, playing chess online has many advantages. Many people are not subscribed to a chess club or some chess group, so they have chess online to play. Nowadays almost everything on the web is free and that includes playing chess online. That’s an advantage compared to having to pay for a chess membership in a club in real life. It’s very easy to find a chess place to play among dozens of websites. The most popular are and, where you can also analyze your games.

Training and Analyzing Games

You can actually train yourself by playing online because you can play a game and then analyze it immediately. The tools found on the chess websites allow you to see the key moments in the game, and see when there are blunders or good moves.

How to Get Better at Chess | From Novice to ExpertHow to Get Better at Chess | From Novice to Expert

That way you can analyze your games, which is a very important part of training your chess. By analyzing your games, you can see your mistakes and learn from them. You can also play with a friend and analyze the game together.

Chess Online to Play Better

You can also see the most common responses of every move in your game, so you can compare to the moves the majority of players have played. You’ve got to be careful though because, sometimes, the majority of people commit the same mistake, so that’s not an indicator of a good move. It can also be an advantage, because you now know which mistake most people make, and use that knowledge in your own games!

Chess Puzzles

Can YOU Solve This Puzzle that BROKE Stockfish?Can YOU Solve This Puzzle that BROKE Stockfish?

Chess websites also offer puzzles of all kinds and assign a puzzle rating to your avatar. Chess puzzles are also a great advantage for you when playing online. Experts say you should devote some of your time to chess puzzles. However, it is important not to devote much time to it; it should be less than the time you use when playing and analyzing games, which should be the main tasks in your training.

Chess Online to Play at Your Own Pace

Chess Online to Play at Your Own Pace

When you play chess online, you can play against opponents of any rating. You can also play with any time control, be it bullet, blitz or classic chess game. You are assigned a rating, so you can see how you are compared to other chess players online.

Brain Advantages

Studies have been made where playing chess online, and it has been found to boost your memory and to improve your IQ. You also train both hemispheres of your brain at the same time, which improves your creativity. It is good to play chess online because it also improves your concentration.

Igor Smirnov - Chess GrandMaster and Teacher

Today, there are many distractions around us, so playing chess online can increase your concentration and keep your attention span for at least the duration of the game and the analysis you make of it later. Playing chess online has also been found to prevent some types of dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease, by keeping your neurons working!


You can see that having chess online to play has many advantages. You don’t have to pay for a membership because you can join chess websites for free. You can analyze your games, play against people or computers, play against any rating. In addition, it can also help your brain.

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