A Unique Chess Pattern Which Will Help You Win Grandmasters!

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I hope you are familiar with the oldest checkmate ever invented, the Arabian Mate. This fatal attack performs with the knight and rook; as you can see in the diagram below.

The knight is helping the rook in order to perform the checkmate. The rook stands very closely to the black king and the knight blocks its escaping squares.

A similar checkmate could happen with these two pieces as you can see in the diagram below.

Everything looks similar, but it’s not exactly the same because the knight is not helping the rook and a pawn is needed in order to blockade the king’s escape.

Let’s examine the following position, from a game which was played by two leading Soviet Grandmasters. It’s White’s turn, what would you play as White?

This tactical motif can happen in top Grandmaster positions.

Can you find the combination in the diagram below? It’s White’s turn and it’s checkmate in 3 moves. Could you play better than Magnus Carslen?

Here is another position. As you can see, Black’s king is not castled and this usually means that it is in danger. Can you find the best continuation for White?

Which is the best side to castle: kingside or queenside? Learn now!

In the 10th round of the last Candidates’ Tournament, another world champion finished his game exactly the same way. Can you find the best move in the diagram below?

Can you imagine that in the next round of the tournament, GM Ding Liren, a Chinese Grandmaster, missed the golden opportunity…? Can you play better than Liren? In the diagram below, it is White’s turn.

You can find the solution for these puzzles below:

I hope that you enjoyed this article; if yes, then you are welcome to post a comment below and share it with your friends. 🙂 I also hope you understand this tactical motif and you’ll be able to use it in your own games.
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Comments: 12

Comments 12

  1. Very instructive – after having been told the motiv I found all solutions. But apart from that: the Arabian Mate can‘t happen in a serious game of chess, since the king must have been on g7 in the previous move and from there he should have taken the knight if been checked by the rock.

    1. Thanks for your compliment. Yes, This setup is unlikely to happen. But similar type of Arabian mate is common with more pieces on the board. You can see the examples below the “Arabian Mate” by clicking on them.

  2. yeah sir this Is great topic on the subject of recognizing the patterns thanks alto you are the best I find all the correct answer to the above puzzle this happens usuaaly often in tournament games sir,waht doyou think aobut Wesley so and nakamura leading paris gct tour ??kramink is playing b4 early in c4 openings what are your thoughts.??

    1. Hi Ayush,
      We are glad that you liked the pattern recognition puzzles. Hikaru has won the tournament showing again how good he is in Blitz. It looked like Wesley was going to win it again. Kramnik was playing really aggressively and he lost a few positions by over pressing a winning position just like in the Candidates tournament.

  3. Hello Igor Smirnov , I am studying your courses from Last one Year. I have Gained lot of Useful Knowlegde .now , i am facing problems in Tactical postions .I have your Calculate till mate course too .I am playing good moves using thinking system in Strategical positions but as soon as tactical positons arises it becomes difficult for me to make a right choice . I used to consume lot of time in such positions,. and end up making a Blunder. Igor please tell me any sequence on how to improve Tactical skills .i have one more questions (ques : Do visualisation skills are also important to improve tactical skills ?and how they benefit us if it helps

    1. Hi Ding,

      First of all, it’s really good that you can find good moves by following the right thinking system. Keep it up!

      As for the tactical positions (especially when there’s ‘contact’ between your and opponent’s pieces):
      1. Always make “anti-blunder” check before playing your move. Here’s free lesson about this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_N0E0eahWnQ
      2. You’ve learnt the right way of calculation from the course “Calculate till Mate” BUT it requires some training. You may use tactical puzzles to train the right method of calculation. I mean, don’t just try to find the solution, find all sound candidate moves and calculate their consequences.

      Good luck!

  4. i missed the queen sacrifice in the 4th diagram.. but since i saw the solution before the 5th diagram, it did help me solve that one

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