An Ancient Chess Puzzle That Engines CAN’T Solve!

An Ancient Chess Puzzle That Engines CAN'T Solve!
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An Ancient Chess Puzzle That Engines CAN’T Solve!

In today’s video, I’m showing you a very interesting ancient chess puzzle that even modern day chess engines, monstrous computers cannot solve. This puzzle (the first puzzle shown in the video) was composed by Gioachino Greco in 1623.

Even an intermediate level chess player would be able to solve this, but Stockfish is having a very hard time solving this puzzle. Stockfish 12 gives the evaluation of +3.13 in favour of White, Stockfish 14 evaluates the position as +2.8, however only Stockfish 15 could rightly evaluate the position as a draw.

Feel free to pause the video and try to solve this puzzle if you can – it’s Black to play and draw. Are you better than chess engines?

You can find the PGN of these puzzles below:

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