Chess Tactics in the Sicilian Defense

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Today I’ve some great news for you – the RCA’s next chess course is in its final stages and it will be released soon. The course will be about one of the most popular chess openings, the Sicilian Defense! Follow our blog because we will be revealing more information in the coming days. 🙂

Today we’re going to see some typical tactics from this opening. As it’s been said, the Sicilian Defense is one of the most popular openings in chess. It wouldn’t be a surprise if a chess player has never tried playing this opening. The Sicilian Defense starts with the moves 1.e4 c5. Usually, the center would be open and the pieces will be attacking each other; therefore there are many tactical possibilities in the middlegame.

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You may be wondering why this opening is very popular. This is because it is statistically a more successful opening for Black against 1.e4. In order to convince you about how good and rich this opening is, I have collected five puzzles for you. Please try to solve them –it will help improve your calculation skills and you’ll definitely enjoy solving them.


Puzzle 1

White has a very good position here because all of his pieces are actively participating in the attack. There are a lot of winning moves, but you should be careful in order to increase your advantage. White found a very interesting way, which includes a piece sacrifice. Please try to find the best move for White.


Puzzle 2

This second puzzle is a little more complicated. Right now, White’s queen is under attack. First things first, you should be careful when your opponent is threatening you! Nevertheless, you don’t need necessarily go backwards, playing passively. Thus, could you find a way to improve the position of your pieces and go forward?


Puzzle 3

The position is complicated and the d1-rook is under attack. White has a very strong move here, can you spot it? Please remember that in the Sicilian you need to open the lines and attack. In simple terms, you need to attack first! 😊 Please note that the rook on c4 is unprotected.

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Puzzle 4

The tension in the center is very high and, as you can see, this is a very typical situation in the Sicilian Defense. The bad news for White is that his king is still in the center, so how can Black take advantage of it?


Puzzle 5

White’s pieces are perfectly placed, and they are totally ready to start the attack right now! Yes, you can start your attack by sacrificing, but you should calculate some lines as well. So, the question here is this, is the Greek sacrifice right or not?

After calculating all possible variations, you can check the games below:

P.S. What do you expect from our new course about the Sicilian Defense? Can you guess who the author of this course will be? 🙂 Please write in the comments below.
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Comments: 16

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