This Puzzle Determines Your Chess Talent Level
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Chess Talent Puzzle

Chess Talent Puzzle

Do you have chess talent? Do you have what it takes to become a strong chess player? And if so, what is your talent level compared to other chess players? How can you determine how much “chess talent” you have?

In today’s video lesson, I’ll help you figure that out with an interesting chess puzzle that was used by Soviet Union chess coaches. These types of puzzles are known as the “Soviet Test of Chess Talent”. The Soviet School is probably one of the best schools ever. It produced a greater number of strong players than ever.

Here is also the video lesson. Feel free to pause the video and try to visualize the knight maneuver.

Chess Talent Puzzle

It is White to move (and in fact only White moves here) andΒ  it’s an artificial position because there are no kings on the board.

Chess Talent Puzzle

Your task is to maneuver the white knight from b1 to c1 without getting into the line of attack of the black queen standing on d4. You have to visualize the solution without moving the pieces on the board.

Also, set a timer to see how much time you take to solve this, so that you can determine the level of your talent. I also recommend you to write down the solution (the route of the knight) once you stop the timer.


Chess Talent Puzzle

There are two possible ways to achieve the c1-square:

# 1: Nb1-a3, Na3-c2, Nc2-e1, Ne1-f3, Nf3-h2, Nh2-f1, Nf1-g3, Ng3-e2, Ne2-c1.

# 2: Nb1-a3, Na3-b5, Nb5-c7, Nc7-a6, Na6-b8, Nb8-c6, Nc6-a5, Na5-b3, Nb3-c1.

Interpretation of the Result of the Chess Talent Puzzle

Chess talent puzzle

15 – 30 seconds: Congratulations! Your level is god; you are Bobby Kimovich Carlsen πŸ˜† you are the greatest and you have the potential to become one of the best players one day. πŸ˜ƒπŸ’ͺ

Chess talent puzzle

30 seconds – 1 minute: That’s a great result πŸ‘ just as well that’s still a pretty high level of chess talent.Β 

Chess talent puzzle

1 – 5 minutes: That’s a decent, pretty good result although not as impressive.

> 5 minutes: If you spent longer than that or couldn’t solve it at all, then unfortunately that’s not such a high result. But regardless of what your result, they don’t want you to be discouraged; there were many players who said that they had no talent for chess and yet they ended up being one of the world’s top players after years of hard work and training. So, with proper training, you can improve your results regardless of your level of that specific chess talent.

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I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.

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