Chess Quiz Compare YOUR Level With Magnus Carlsen
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Chess Quiz: Compare YOUR Level With Magnus Carlsen

Chess Quiz: Compare YOUR Level With Magnus Carlsen

Today, I’ve got an interesting and special chess quiz for you. I’ll share with you a specially curated chess puzzle designed to help you determine your chess rating level.

Additionally, you can compare yourself with players of other levels, from beginners all the way up to Super Grandmasters and Magnus Carlsen. This will give you a clear idea of where you stand and how players of different skill/rating levels think during a chess game. Therefore, it serves as a clear blueprint of the thought process of amateur chess players and strong grandmasters.

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Your task is to find the best move for White, calculate the consequences, evaluate the final position, and decide the outcome. After that, watch the video lesson below. Feel free to pause the video and think about the position to take this quiz seriously:

600 ELO Rating

Your rating is 600 if you didn’t notice that the queen was hanging now certainly you can’t get any further if you just blunder your queen in one move apparently that was Black’s last move Bg4 it attacks the queen and you got to do something about that.

700 ELO Rating

If you notice the initial threat but move the queen to one of the squares where it can be captured anyway so that’s a level of 700.

1,000 ELO Rating

If you have seen the threats that we are talking about so far and you found a true safe square for your queen such as queen d3 or queen c2 or queen c1 and you decided that you can’t find anything better: “So at least I’d move the queen somewhere to a safe square”.

If that was your thinking process then that’s the level of 1,000 so you don’t blunder pieces in one move which is already pretty nice. You can play decent chess and can still be fairly proud of yourself.

1,400 ELO Rating

If you found the counter blow Ba4, this is certainly not an intuitive move to find. I’d say that this is a high-level chess. Still, in this case, you only get 1,400 because with all honesty you knew that there was something special in this position, in the real game you might have just moved the queen away right from danger but you knew that it was a tactical puzzle.

1,600 ELO Rating

If you calculate the consequences of 1…Bxd1 followed by 2. Bxd7, evaluate the position and realize that Black has a very bad position because almost all his pieces are attacked and black clearly can’t get away from this, then your rating is 1,600.

So you could calculate this variation and visualize it and evaluate the consequences that’s a pretty good level and again kudos to you that was well.

1,800 ELO Rating

So considering that trading queens it is bad for Black because he is going to be down material, he should do something else. The sign of a strong player is to consider strong moves not only for himself but also for his opponent. Weaker players think only from his perspective. Trying to find strong moves for themselves and hoping that works.

If the black queen is under attack, Black should consider moves like 1…b5 or 1…Qe6. If you can see these strong moves of your opponent that’s 1,800.

2,000 ELO Rating

If you decided to think it through and you found the move 2. Bxb5 which is a nice counterblow by White then you got the rating of 2,000 that’s a really solid result which means that you found two counterblows in a row. That’s an expert-level player.

The point after 2. Bxb5 is that the queen on d7 is overloaded because it has to defend the pawn on b5 and the bishop on g4. You can find moves like Bxb5 by looking for attacking moves which are checks, captures, and threats. These moves should be considered first and foremost.

2,100 ELO Rating

If you could calculate the line 1. Ba4 b5 2. Bxb5 Qxb5 3. Qxg4 and realize that in this position White is winning, then you got 2,100.

And why White is winning? First of all White grabs a pawn and he is a pawn up, but the worst thing for Black is that the queen on g4 and the bishop on d4 are targeting the g7 pawn threatening mate. Also, Nf5 is coming. So if you could calculate all these lines this is a phenomenal result.

2,200 ELO Rating

After 1. Ba4 we already know that Bxd7 is a major threat and taking on d1 or playing b5 leads Black in a hopeless position. Now we should consider the move 1…Qe6. So if you considered this move and decided to think it through and realize that you can move your queen to d3 and now Black has two pieces under attack when you got 2,200.

This is a level of national master, that’s pretty solid result.

2,400 ELO Rating

You get a rating of 2,400 If after the line 1. Ba4 Qe6 you can see 2. f5!! and calculate the consequences. 2. f5 breaks the connection between the queen and the bishop on g4, so that means that Black cannot simply retreat his queen and has to go for the exchanges. 2…Bxd1 3. fxe6 Bxa4 4. exf7+ Kh8 5. fxe8=Q+ Rxe8 6. b3 and White is up material and is winning. If you calculated all this you should be proud.

2,600 ELO Rating

This is the level of a strong Grandmaster to get here you should have found the strong move 2…Qe3!!+ which is a very interesting move and very counterintuitive and honestly I wasn’t able to find this move myself.

So, what´s the point of this move? Well, that difference a strong player is that doesn’t fall in love in their ideas. They know that they got to get objective and look for best moves from both sides. And in this case, you should look up for forcing moves for both sides.

After White plays 3. Bxe3 then Black recaptures Bxe3+ and now Black is about to take on d1 next. 4. Kh1 Bxd1. Now we should evaluate this position. White is gonna play 5.Rfxd1 but seems like the position is about equal.

White should try to go for the bigger fish by playing 5. Bxd8 and now Black has to be very precise here. So if you calculated all of this you got 2,600.

2,830 ELO Rating

This is the level of Magnus Carlsen and the maximum score of this puzzle. To survive Black should play 5…Bc2! and now the best line is 6. Bd7! Rd8 7. Bb5 Bxb1 8. Rxb1 and finally we reach the final point of all this calculation. The position is about equal and probably is both sides play correctly is gonna be a draw.


  1. You should calculate attacking moves first and foremost (checks, captures, and threats).
  2. Try to be objective when evaluating and calculating the position.
  3. Look up for the best moves for both sides.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.

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