Christmas countdown and details of RCA’s next course

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The days are running by and we have about 10 left until Christmas – so let the countdown begin! 🙂
Christmas CountdownTo start with, I have some important information to share with you.


Our next course is almost ready and we will release it soon. The course contains my answers (and even more) to the students’ questions regarding my book, A Promoted Pawn: My Chess Journey. The name of the course is “Your Top Chess Questions, Answered”.
Question and AnswersI’ll not reveal all the information now. 🙂 So, stay tuned, as more information will be announced in the next few days.


Nevertheless, we’re providing you with an opportunity to register in advance for the course. Pre-registration is open! By pre-registering yourself now, you will be able to get EXTRA SPECIAL OFFERS during Christmas and the New Year! 🙂


Additionally, we’d like to know your overall feedback about RCA while you pre-register. You can share your thoughts, for instance, what you liked about RCA in 2015, what you would like to see happen in RCA in 2016, areas you think we need to improve, and so on.

<<Pre-register now>>

Comments: 6

Comments 6

    1. you are great sir.dear igor what are your suggestions about Gm susan polgar chess university??i saw one dvd of it it is just fantastic.

    2. dear igor the video you had uploaded tomorrow is just fantastic.dear sir could you please share your information of the webinar that you had done in india through an article??i know that recording is not available.

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