Complete Chess Tactics Guide for Beginners & Intermediates

Complete Chess Tactics Guide For Under-1800 Rated Players
Chess Middlegame Tactics & Calculation

Complete Chess Tactics Guide for Beginners & Intermediates

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Chess tactics may seem complicated with over 50 different tactical motifs and thousands of chess tactical puzzles that you need to solve in order to learn/memorize these common tactical patterns.

That’s why in today’s video lesson, I present to you a simple, most comprehensive, and a complete chess tactics guide. This guide is universal that will help you spot tactics in your games and also not to overlook tactics from your opponent.

In this complete system, I will walk you through the A-Z of chess tactics; break it down in to easy steps so that you can understand it fully.

Most chess players can easily spot tactics while solving puzzles because they already know that they have to look for tactics, while the same players fail to spot tactical shots in their own games. If you can relate to this, this complete chess tactics guide will help you spot tactics in your games within just seconds!

You can find the PGN of these puzzles below:

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