“Crushing the King” – an attacking chess course

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In recent times, we discussed a lot about one of the most important and basic strategies in chess – attack. We learnt about the most important attacking principles, biggest problems in attack and the basic conditions for a successful attack.

However, some of you might not be able to understand the art of attack completely. Maybe these three lessons might not be enough for you to crush your opponent’s king. Indeed, it’s not impossible to teach everything about attack in a couple of lessons.

For instance, one of the RCA students, Joshua, made the following comment in one of those lessons:
RCA studentAnd we never fail to give what YOU ask for – yes, our next course is “Crushing the King”, an attacking chess course! 🙂


What’s about “Crushing the King?


As you may already know, attack is an art that every chess player should master. Without an attack, you cannot win a single chess game. We’ve put our best foot forward in order to create a comprehensive attacking course. After the study of this course, you will have all the necessary abilities and understanding in order to start a successful attack against your opponent of any level!

You can watch the teaser video of the course below to know more about the course and how it will help YOU master the art of attack:

The course will be released soon. However, you can already pre-register for the course and get the limited-offers, bonuses and EXTRA special offers earlier than others!

<< Pre-register now>>


P.S. Stay tuned for we’ll provide more information about the course in the following days. 🙂

Comments: 3

Comments 3

  1. outstanding dear igor sir you are great coach how long will this course will be and what will be its price thanks in advance .dear sir what is the best online site to play chess other than chess.com and lichess.org??

    1. The 3 most famous chess sites for playing chess is Chess.com, LiChess.org and Chess24.
      We will keep you informed about the details of the course in future blog post.

      Prasaadh | Support Officer

      1. okk sir thankyou so much for help and your time.dear sir i get a call from russian im evegeny ermovlaev for coaching.and he taught mei lessons it was just fantastic.

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