Game of The Year 2017 by Ding Liren

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Chess never fails to make someone completely baffled! Or is it the chess players who do that? 😊 The history of chess has seen several astonishing and mind-blowing games, played by Tal, Fischer, Morphy, Kasparov, Carlsen, and so on; several games played by players from different periods and generations. Today we are going to see one such game, what is probably called the “Game of The Year 2017”, played by the number one Chinese Grandmaster, Ding Liren.

Ding Liren chessThis game was played in the Yingmei Cup, the Chinese Team Championship 2017, in which he proved to the world that he has the ability to demolish his opponents with his aggressive play. He was playing Black against Bai Jinshi, and the way Ding Liren played is truly spectacular.

Game of The Year 2017 by Ding Liren

What’s so special about this game? What exactly happened? Well, here we go, jumping into the core of the game. The following position arrived in what could be called as the opening-to-middlegame stage, because White has not yet castled his king.
Ding Liren Game of the Year 2017

Black to play

And how would you play here as Black? To give you a little context, Black has almost finished his development; only his c8-bishop is yet to come out. He has also ‘opened up’ his kingside by playing g5 in the process of kicking White’s dark-squared bishop away from that annoying diagonal. With the pawn on d4 and knights aiming to fly to the center, one could say that Black is targeting the not-yet-castled white king in the center of the board.

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After calculating all possible variations, you can watch the video analysis of this game by our Academy Manager, Aggelos Kesaris (who is also one of the authors of the course “Exchange Pieces like a PRO”), and find out why this is called the game of the year 2017.

You can also download the PGN of this game below:

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Comments: 15

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  1. This is one of the best games in this Era. Not only the skill of piece play, the beauty of the pieces coordination can be seen in a fascinating style. This game is one of the best lessons for upcoming prodigies…!!! Not only for the professional players it’s an entertainment game for the chess passionates…!!!

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