Live Webinar “Endgame and Middlegame Essentials”

By GM Levan Aroshidze


Endgame and Middlegame Essentials


GM Levan Aroshidze

Date: Saturday, 18 April at 3 p.m. (15:00) GMT time.

90 minutes.


limited to 100.


Standard ticket only = $20

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Endgame and Middlegame Essentials

It is a well-known fact that there are three stages in a chess game: 1. opening; 2. middlegame; 3. endgame. It is very important that one be able to play all these stages very well – of course, you need to play the entire game well to score a win.


For the opening stage, it might difficult for one person to have knowledge of all openings (most of them) and play the opening stage well. Still, anyone can play the opening stage well or at least not badly, as the ideas are pretty simple and logical – you just have to develop your pieces as early as possible, play in the centre.

But what about the middlegame and endgame?


Maybe you can develop your middlegame skills by having good knowledge of tactical and strategic ideas and by having a good planning and thinking system.

But then comes the endgame – the so-called ‘ocean’. Indeed, it is an ocean and there are many things about the endgame that one should learn. As the great Capablanca says:

Black’s turn


In order to improve your game, you must study the endgame before everything else”.

Moreover, as I used to say – what matters is the QUALITY of your learning and not the QUANTITY.


Therefore, you just have to learn the key ideas or, in other words, the essentials of middlegame and endgame play. That’s why we’ve invited our new guest coach GM Levan Aroshidze to help you learn them!

What you’ll learn from this webinar?

Endgame Chess Technique

You’ll learn about the must-know theoretical positions and ideas of endgames, like bishops’ endgame and rook v pawn.

It is impossible to study all type of endgame positions, but there are certain important ideas you have to remember and they will become the guidelines, in order to handle any complicated situation.


Middlegame Strategy

You’ll learn about pawn structures and important squares. There are many different factors in the middlegame, but pawn structures and important squares are amongst the main strategic factors to evaluate a situation and plan the game.

About the host

As I said, GM Levan Aroshidze is our new guest coach and will be taking his ‘first step’ with his webinar on Saturday. 🙂 Here is something about him for you:

  • Georgian grandmaster

  • Became World Under-10 Champion at the age of nine

  • Has a peak rating of 2582

  • Won Obert Internacional tournament

  • P.S. Please note that seats are limited to 100 students. If you wish to participate – please register NOW.