Everything you need to know about our course “Crushing the King”

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In the previous article, I shared with you the teaser video of the course. Now let me share some more exciting news about the course. 🙂
Crushing the KingThe course will be released on Monday, 27 February! To celebrate the launch of the course, we’ll provide you with really great offers:




A huge 20% discount will be provided for everyone on the course – you can save about $20 USD. However, the pre-registrants for the course (pre-register here) will get a massive 25% discount, saving about a huge $25 USD!

Both these discounts are limited-period offers: they will be valid from 27 February till 3 March (inclusive).




The next big offer is that the first 75 buyers of “Crushing the King” will get our premium course “How to beat titled players?” completely FREE! 🙂

Please don’t take this as a minor bonus – this is really HUGE. The course “How to beat titled players?” contains detailed instructions about what and how exactly you should train. It also contains the concrete examples with commentaries about how exactly you should apply 5 winning weapons in different situations.

Additionally, in case if you’re intimidated by the name ‘titled players’ and considered it advanced (oriented on titled players only), I’d like to mention that this course is suitable for INTERMEDIATE level players too.

if you’re one of the first 75 buyers AND if you already own the course “How to beat titled players?”, you’ll be provided with a $59 USD gift voucher on RCA products.

Additionally, I’d like to give you a small ‘warning’. 🙂 We’ve nearly 14,000 e-mail subscribers (regular students) and about 21,000 Facebook followers. Considering these huge figures, the 75 FREE bonuses (for first 75 buyers) will be taken away really soon.

That’s why I recommend you to pre-register for the course now, so that you’ll be notified a few hours before the course launch – therefore you will be able to purchase the course “Crushing the King” sooner than others (who don’t pre-register) and thus you’ll have more chances to be among the first 75 buyers.

<< Pre-register now>>


Finally, as you may have noticed already, we’ve collaborated with one of the most popular chess authors, CM Tryfon Gavriel, in developing the course.


About Tryfon Gavriel

Tryfon Gavriel
Tryfon Gavriel is a FIDE Candidate Master (CM) with a rating of 2170. He has over 35 years of playing actively both online and offline. He won the Lloyds Under-18 national UK tournament in 1989, and was awarded with the trophy by Grandmaster and PHD Mathematician Dr John Nunn. He also played twice in the main British Chess Championship.


He will try and give you greater enthusiasm for the game and in particular the dynamic aggressive aspects of playing chess. His favourite heroes are Fischer, Kasparov and Tal.

Comments: 5

Comments 5

  1. outstanding sir for this great course and your collaboration with that kingchrusher i hope that this course will rock among the students.and give us great benifits.

    1. Thanks for the question.
      The lectures are done by both GM Smirnov and CM Gavriel.
      So you get the best of both worlds.

      Prasaadh | Support Officer

      1. dear sir thankyou so much for your time and responses .that is great to hear please keep inviting new coaches from outside that would help students in training sir please invite gm vladimir chuchelov.

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