Everything you need to know about our chess course “Defending Champion”

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First, I’m glad to announce that our upcoming chess course “Defending Champion” will be released on Wednesday, 28 December. 🙂 If you’re not aware of our course, then you may check our previous articles: a preview video (lesson) on the course and what you can learn from the course.


To celebrate the launch of the course, we’ll provide you with some amazing special offers! You can get a really huge 35% discount on the course. This will be a limited-period offer and will be valid only from 28 Dec. till Wednesday, 4 Jan. (inclusive).


Do you feel 35% discount is not enough? Would you like to get a much higher discount? 🙂 Well, yes, you can! The pre-registration for the course is already open. By pre-registering, you’ll get a massive 40% discount on the course, saving about a huge $48 USD!
Defending Champion chess course

<<Pre-register now>>


You’ll also be notified a few hours before the course launch on 28 December, if you pre-register for the course now.


Note: the special 40% discount for pre-registrants on the course is a limited-period offer too. It will be valid from 28 Dec. till 4 Jan. (inclusive)


Finally, I’d like to share with you the teaser video on the course prepared by the RCA team. You can watch the teaser video below:

Let’s finish this article with a very interesting ches puzzle. 🙂

Reti chess study puzzle

White to play


It looks like White’s position is hopeless. But can you find a way for White to draw the game? Let me give you a little hint: one goal is getting in the square of the Black pawn, so it can be intercepted and the other is getting to the d6 square to support the promotion of his pawn.


Highlight the below area to see the solution:


1. Kg7! h4 2. Kf6 Kb6 Black has to spend a tempo on preventing the White king from reaching his pawn. If 2… h3 then 3. Ke7 h2 4. c7 Kb7 5. Kd7 and both pawns promote, with a drawn position.

3. Ke5! Kxc6 Black has to spend another tempo to capture the pawn, to prevent the White king from protecting it. If 3… h3 then 4. Kd6 h2 5. c7 h1=Q 6. c8=Q, draw. Now the White king has gained enough tempi to get in the square of the Black pawn and intercept it: 4. Kf4, draw since the White king can stop the pawn from promoting (e.g. 4… h3 5. Kg3 h2 6. Kxh2)

Comments: 3

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