Everything about our course “Magnus Carlsen: The Journey of a World Champion”

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I’m very happy to inform you that our new course “Magnus Carlsen: The Journey of a World Champion” will be released on Monday, 24 July. I’ve already shared with you some information about the course, what you can learn from it and the author of the course. If you missed it, you can find it here.

Today I’ll share more details about the structure of the course and something special. 🙂
magnus carlsen world champion

Key topics covered in the course

  •  Early Years of Magnus Carlsen
    •  Road to Top GM
      •  Becoming world no.1
        • Amazing endgames of Carlsen
          •  Stress at the fortress
            •  Cracking Karjakin
              •  Conclusions
              • Practical part

                practical chess taskIt is important to put into practice what you’ve learned from the course. That’s why we’ve prepared a very instructive practical part. The course has 100 games for practical part. These games are analyzed and divided into the following categories:

                •  Amazing Endings
                  •  Provoking Weaknesses
                    •  Crushing Attacks
                      •  Consolidation
                        •  Exchange Sacrifice
                          •  World Chess Championship matches
                            •  And more
                            • Launch offers

                              To celebrate the release of the course and the wonderful journey of Magnus Carlsen, we’ll provide you with some amazing offers. 🙂

                              special discountYou can get a huge 25% discount on the course. This will be a limited-period offer and will be valid ONLY from 24 July till Thursday, 27 July.


                              Yes, there is another huge offer we’ll be providing you with. But I’ll reveal this on the day of course release. Therefore, stay tuned!

                              How excited are you to learn from the world champion Magnus Carlsen? 🙂 Feel free to write your thoughts in the comments below.

                              P.S. You can study the course on ANY device (even on the non-windows device). We’re providing you with the course in e-book format (PDF) and you can study the video lessons separately as well. You can watch the tutorial video in the FAQ here.

                              Comments: 8

                              Comments 8

                              1. it is a total complete course mr igor smirnov you are great coach please tell if you are in this course or not because your explanaitons were awesome.please invite mr kairav joshi of chessuniversity.com to remote chess academy.for coaching their program is awesome.

                                1. Thanks for your continuous support and suggestions!

                                  The video lessons of the course about Magnus Carlsen are recorded by IM David Miedema. To record a few hours of video lessons, David made around 50-hours research to understand deeply Carlsen’s playing techniques. I enjoyed these lessons.
                                  Although we invite guest authors, I am and our RCA team are always participating in preparing the lessons, and I keep an eye on guest author’s work to make sure the course is up to your expectations.

                                  1. waaoh sir that is great david has done a lof of hard work during this course preparation thanks so much for your reply and responses.dear sir you are great as always.i tried this website http://www.elometer.com i solve 76 problem then this webiste shows my rating 2454-2643.

                              2. Smirnov are you planning to play any tournament soon? You haven’t been playing since 2009, right? thats 8 years! You probably wonder how’d you do if you played one 🙂

                                1. Hi Lovro,
                                  I’ve gave simuls, played some internet and friendly blitz, but it’s true that I didn’t play in official tournaments since 2009. At the same time, this is the date when I started RCA. So I made a lot of good things since that time 🙂

                                  1. by the way.
                                    I am using your recommendations on how to analyze my games and explain the mistakes using your principles. But I can’t work out this one: heres the FEN rnbq1rk1/pp2bppp/3ppn2/2p5/3PP3/2NB1N2/PPP2PPP/R1BQ1RK1 w – – 0 7
                                    computer doesnt like my move Be3 but he likes dxc5, but you said not to remove the tension. also in this structure white pawns are d4 and e4 and black pawns are c5 and d6 and computer also often likes taking d4 takes on c5, but you said not to remove tension – and here the d4 pawn is better than the d6 pawn according to the principle of maximum activity. Can you explain please?

                                    1. Hi Lovro,
                                      Thanks for the question. It is great that you are implementing Igor’s ideas in your games.
                                      GM Igor may not be able to answer all the questions due to his schedule.
                                      Here is a related FAQ regarding questions to Igor

                                      Prasaadh | Support

                                2. if igor play official tournaments who will improve remote chess academy and who will teach us chess lovro magnus carlsen or anand ???those high level player s and bad coaches??

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