How to Exchange Chess Pieces Effectively?

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A few days ago, we republished one of our video lessons from the past about the strategy of exchanging your pieces the right way -when to and when not to exchange your pieces, to be more precise. If you missed this lesson, you can find it here.

As you might have learnt from the lesson, the piece exchange is one of the VERY important topics to learn in chess. And also, it is one of the least discussed and/or the least popular chess topics. Exchanges are very crucial -it really is an art, which it’s difficult to master, but definitely possible, to know when and which pieces to exchange or not. I’d like to recall a saying about a master of this art, Bobby Fischer.
Bobby FischerDo you realize Fischer almost never has any bad pieces? He exchanges them, and the bad pieces remain with his opponents.” – Yuri Balashov

Do you want to master this art of exchanging pieces too? Do you want to play like Fischer? Yes, it’s possible. I’m very happy to inform you that the RCA’s next chess course will be about this topic, and it’s titled “Exchange Pieces like a Pro”.

RCA Course – Exchange Pieces like a Pro

Why this course? The truth is, as I have mentioned above, this topic is often ignored by chess authors, and we realized the importance of this powerful strategy. And we want YOU to master that strategy. That’s it!

The course will be released on Thursday, 21 February. And the author of the course is ………… well, you can find at least one of the authors by watching the below video:

During the course release, we will provide a higher discount to our email subscribers. If you would like to be one among the 16K+ subscribers we have, you can subscribe with the simple form below:

Finally, I’d like to provide you with a puzzle related to this topic to help you get prepared for this course. 🙂
chess exchange piece

White to move

After calculating all the possible variations, you can find the solution below:

Comments: 2

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