How to exploit imbalances in chess?

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Today we’re going to talk about a very interesting topic: exploiting imbalances (weaknesses). Most often, we don’t know how to think or handle such situations during a chess game. Our guest coach, IM Valeri Lilov, will teach exactly that, by showing a game between Magnus Carlsen –who, he believes, succeeds in exploiting the opponent’s weaknesses perfectly– and Fabiano Caruana.

In this game, you will learn how Magnus neutralized his opponent’s play power, making sure to gradually build the position by regrouping his pieces, gaining more space and, most importantly, transforming the advantage when there is an opportunity to increase the pressure and there is a good follow-up.

You can watch this very instructive video lesson below:


1) It all begins with figuring out how to develop better and create an imbalance later.
2) Maneuvering and setting up your pieces is essential, so you can be in a good position to attack.
3) Converting the attack by opening the position and/or by carefully executing the required tactical moves.


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Comments: 14

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