Facebook contest winners and milestone celebration

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First, let me thank everyone for participating in the RCA Facebook “Like and Win” Contest. We had more than 200 participants (those who “Liked” both the contest post and our Facebook page).


If you think that this is not really ‘competitive’, as we chose two winners randomly, well, we conducted a ‘competitive’ crossword contest last month. This time, we wanted to have something fun, providing all participants with equal chances of winning, by choosing two winners randomly. But don’t worry, we plan to conduct several contests in the future – so stay tuned! 🙂


Finally, it’s time to announce these two very lucky winners, whom we’ve chosen COMPELTELY RANDOMLY:

  • 1st winner: Nicky – will have an hour-long Skype session with me
  • 2nd winner: Prasad – will get an RCA course for FREE


Note: for privacy reasons, we’ve only mentioned their first name (or a part of their Facebook name).


The winners will soon be contacted via a Facebook message. In order for the winners to get the best out of this opportunity, we will need their cooperation. The winners can find more information about how to ‘claim’ their prize here.


To everyone else: don’t worry if you did not win this contest. You gave your best by “Liking” both our Facebook page and our contest post – I very much appreciate your efforts; thank you for that! But that’s not all – I’ve something else for you. 🙂


Many students seemed to have enjoyed participating in this contest, as we crossed a huge milestone for our Facebook page – we’ve got more than 10,000 “Likes” for it! This is a huge achievement for us and thank you very much for your support and enthusiasm! 🙂
10000 likes facebookTherefore, to celebrate this milestone achievement, and to thank all participants in this contest and our Facebook fans, we’re providing you with a huge gift – you can get a massive $15 gift voucher and use it to purchase any RCA product you want.


Simply use the code “fb15” while making your purchase. If you don’t know how to use a voucher code, please see here. This is valid only from today until Thursday, 20 October (inclusive).
gift voucher

<<Shop now>>


P.S. Don’t miss this great opportunity – you can buy any RCA product (paid course, premium video or package) and save $15. Good luck and thank you once again!
Comments: 4

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  1. Great event once again! Congratulations to the winners Nicky and Prasad! 🙂 Thanks to everyone and especially dear Igor for giving the participants the massive 15$ vouchers! I have a suggestion regarding what could your next blog be. I think it would be useful to to make a blog lesson about “Chess visualization”. More focused on how to improve your visualization rather than how to calculate properly. Because oftenly in chess, there can be situations where you have 10 moves combo, but you have to calculate and more importantly, visualize all those variations and on the 9th 10th you need to find the killer move which actually justifies the whole 10 move combo. So I think it could be useful blog lesson.

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