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Recently, I received a message from an RCA student, Albrecht, and I would like to share it with you today. Before that, don’t miss to watch my latest video lesson “Kasparov’s Masterpiece in the Sicilian Najdorf” and grab our Christmas special offers!

I personally know GM Igor Smirnov since December 2015, that is three years back from now. In all, I would say that he is a very good chess player (*way* better than me), but also has special teaching skills like not many other players on his level. That means: He is able to combine the fun of chess with expert knowledge and very high skills / a professional chess players database, and also really good didactics. Like I would say only quite few people in this world (or, let us be more precise: to my knowledge).
GM Igor Smirnov RCA Student

(A photo of GM Igor Smirnov and Albrecht)

Chess, rightfully, is a booming sport and has a lot to give also in the field of personal development, personality training, intellectual growth and brain training as well as intelligence enhancement for children and kids, for adolescents and young adults, for adults and grown-ups, and for the elderly and aged people. Why is that? Why is worldwide interest in chess increasing, and rightfully so?

Especially in India and China, the two leading nations population-wise, are experiencing a real explosion in chess enthusiasm in the last 20 years or so, and are engaged in systematically promoting their talents on a broad level. There are more and more high-class tournaments worldwide, almost ever-increasing. More and more, it is recognized in schools and other institutions of learning that chess training is good for intellectual capability and has positive effects on being able to concentrate and on alertness –in all age classes, and all over the world.

This is backed up by studies, as Richard Forster, a strong International Master from Switzerland, wrote two years ago (on 24th of December 2016) in NZZ, a famous Swiss newspaper, on page 40. Also, he continues in the same article, the number of chess schools for kids is ever increasing and many parents who try to stimulate their offspring in different ways than normal electronic gaming and want to foster their children’s soaring flights of intellect: choose chess training.

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Igor Smirnov and his Remote Chess Academy can help you cherish the fun and the beauty of chess, one of the oldest games in the history of mankind, and one of the most fascinating ones. He and his staff can help you improve your playing skills, your joy of chess, and also, if you want, to raise your ELO, as they are good teachers, good chess players, and also making the best use of modern technologies like apps, online videos, and online training courses.

Enjoy the game plus the intellectual challenge, and always take care of yourself, your teammates and opponents!

Albrecht Schnabel

Thank you so much for your warm words, Albrecht! Your feedback is highly valuable to us.

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