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Today is the LAST chance for you to get our new course “Winning the Middlegame” with a massive 30% discount – it’s really huge, as you will save a large sun, about $36 USD. Use the coupon “middlegame” when making your purchase – if you don’t know how to use a coupon, please check here.
Special Offers

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We are also providing you with a “combo offer” – we’d like you to enhance YOUR winning skills and improve your overall strategic understanding. That’s why we are offering “Winning the Middlegame” and “Your Winning Plan” together for just $149 instead of the normal total price of $178 – you will save a huge $29 USD!
comboYou will see this offer after clicking “Order now” in the launch page here.
designIf you want to have a sneak peek at the new course, you are welcome to watch the preview video below:

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designFinally, I’d like to share feedback on the new course received from two students.


Got it yesterday and it is fab! How often have l sat through a lesson or read a book and thinking l have got it pat, only to be clueless just a day later. Clarity and lack of confusion is the key ingredient of this series and it really makes a difference. And, no, l am not getting paid to write this review.




You can actually find this feedback in the comments section of the preview video (in YouTube) mentioned above.


And here is another one.




I have only made a first pass of the videos and haven’t started the practical section yet, but I can give my initial thoughts. I have no official rating but it would be around 1600.


The course can be divided into 2 sections, firstly generally attacking plans and secondly pawn weaknesses/strengths. Taking the second section first, I thought the teaching was very good and I learned a lot. If there is a negative it is that I initially felt like more could have been covered such as how to play closed or open positions – but looking back it was probably intentional to restrict the course to the strengths and weaknesses of pawns. I do believe I now have a much better idea of how to exploit pawn weaknesses and appreciate the strengths of pawns that are considered weak.


The first section (generally attacking plans) is outstanding and I think some of the best material Igor has produced. I have just started the +300 spurt section of Self-Taught GM and this fits very well with the attacking section. I don’t want to give away the exact details but it looks at attack from a high level such as deciding what to attack and times when it is wrong to attack.


Overall this is an excellent course and I highly recommend it, especially to anyone who wants to improve their attacking play, which is what it mainly covers. It is described as being for intermediate players but in my opinion is simple enough for beginners as well. I hope that my small criticism demonstrates that this is an honest review based on a first pass of the teaching section.


– David


Thanks again for sharing your impressions, guys! This really means a lot to us, as this is the fuel for us to create more such amazing material for you. 🙂
ThanksNote: you can find David’s feedback in the comments section in one of our previous blog posts here.


If you have not bought this course (or any of my courses) yet, I’m sure that these messages from my students who have studied various course are very useful for you.


And these are not just from my regular students, as even former world number 5 player, GM Jaan Ehlvest, wrote a review of my courses and my teaching methods. If you missed it, you should definitely read it here.


P.S. I hope you won’t pass on this great opportunity – it’s the LAST day of the special offers, so don’t miss them! And, by the way, if you have studied this new course, please share your feedback on it with us in the comments below. Thanks in advance and I wish you great success! 🙂
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