How to Find Plans that Trouble Your Opponent

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Here is an interesting question: once the opening stage is over, what do you do? How to find the best possible plan? Should you sit back and wait for your opponent to make a mistake? Or do you decide on whether to attack on the kingside or the queenside? Or is it just about moving your pieces towards the center of the board?

Well, if you have stumbled upon these questions, figuring out how to find the best possible plan, you are not alone! Because, even very strong and experienced players find it difficult to come up with a solid plan in any given position.

One of the key components of planning is pawn structure. We are happy to present to you an instructive video lesson by our guest coach Dr. Alex Davidovic, an International Master. In this video lesson, he will teach you how to examine the pawn structure as to what to do in a position and how to create a solid plan.

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Comments: 5

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