Top 5 Brilliant Chess Moves of Bobby Fischer
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Top 5 Brilliant Chess Moves of Bobby Fischer

Top 5 Brilliant Chess Moves of Bobby Fischer

Bobby Fischer’s 5 Most Brilliant Chess Moves

Bobby Fischer, a name synonymous with chess genius, left a lasting legacy in the world of chess. His games are a treasure trove of brilliant moves and innovative strategies. In this lesson, we’ll explore the top 5 brilliant chess moves played by the legendary Bobby Fischer.

Below, you can find the games shown in the video:

Game-1: Fischer vs. Benko – Blockading the Defender

bobby fischer brilliant chess movesIn a game against Benko, Fischer demonstrated a deep understanding of pawn structures. Facing a potential breakthrough with e5, Fischer didn’t opt for the obvious move. Instead, he played 19.Rf6, blockading the f7 pawn. This move prevented Black from capturing on e5 and ultimately led to Fischer’s victory.

Game-2: Spassky vs. Fischer – Positional Brilliance

bobby fischer brilliant chess movesDuring his World Championship match against Boris Spassky, Fischer shocked the chess world with 11…Nh5. While it initially appeared to be a positional blunder, Fischer had a brilliant plan in mind.

Game-3: Letelier vs. Fischer – Ultimate Sacrifices

bobby fischer brilliant chess movesIn this famous chess game, Fischer showcased his tactical prowess. With the White king in the center, Fischer took the opportunity to breakthrough in the center with two rook sacrifices starting with 21…Rxe3, followed by a queen sacrifice to deliver a stunning checkmate!

Game-4: Fischer vs. Myagmarsuren – Bishop Maneuver

bobby fischer brilliant chess movesFischer often surprised his opponents with unexpected moves. In one game, he played 29.Bg2 seemingly relocating the bishop. This move turned out to be a masterstroke as it allowed him to threaten 30.Qh6, then sacrificing his queen with 31.Qxh7+, leading to a winning combination.

Game-5: Byrne vs. Fischer – The Game of the Century

bobby fischer brilliant chess movesOne of Fischer’s most famous games, “The Game of the Century,” showcased his extraordinary talent. In this game between Fischer and Byrne, Fischer played 17…Be6 when his queen was under the attack. This move set up a remarkable combination where Fischer sacrificed his queen, leading to a potential smothered checkmate.


These moves are just a glimpse of Bobby Fischer’s brilliance on the chessboard. To see these moves in action and appreciate the full depth of Fischer’s genius, watch the video here.

Bobby Fischer’s contributions to chess continue to inspire players of all levels. His games are a testament to the endless possibilities and beauty of this ancient game.

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