Teaser video of our next course “From opening to middlegame”

First, I’m very glad to inform you that our next course “From opening to middlegame” by our guest coach IM Asaf Givon, will be launched on Tuesday, 13 June. Now I’d like to answer the question that most of you are thinking about.

Why this course?

From opening to middlegame
As many of you might be thinking, one of my students, Johnny, asked a similar question in the comments section of the previous blog-post. He wrote:

Hi Honorable GM Smirnov. I have – and gone through at least twice – “Winning the middlegame
, “
The Grandmaster’s secrets”, “The grandmaster’s positional understanding”, “Your winning plan”, “Grandmasters opening lab 1 and 2 and gm’s opening lab 2 bonus pack”.

These batteries of courses have improved my chess game tremendously, to the point that I think I will reach/surpass 2000 soon from around 1800 currently. Your system is so simple and automatic that I’ve picked it up like a sponge. My game follows your principles all the time. What additional jewels does this new course contain?

I’ve answered his question as a reply to his comment, but since some of you and others might have overlooked it, I’d like to post my answer here, so that everyone can see it easily.

The new course is focused on the transition between opening and middlegame – the troublesome stage to the majority of chess players. My earlier courses were more comprehensive and didn’t focus on this phase of the game.

IM Asaf Givon (the author of videos) doesn’t talk about ‘principles’ (explained in my other courses), but I think it will be beneficial for you – because you can learn something new. To conclude, this course will certainly help you make good progress and it is a must-have if you’re facing problems in this area (opening to middlegame transition).

Launch offers

20% discounteTo celebrate the launch of this course, we’ll be providing you with some nice offer. You can get this course with a huge 20% discount – this will save you some bucks!

Additionally, there is a special bonus waiting for you. But I’ll not reveal it now. Stay tuned, as I’ll announce it during the course release. Can you guess what it is? 🙂

Teaser video

Finally, I’d like to share with you the teaser video on the course made by our Team. You can watch it below:

Did you like the teaser? Feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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