Garry Kasparov’s Immortal Chess Game

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Today we are going to see one of the greatest chess games ever played in the history – it’s the game between the legendary Garry Kasparov and Veselin Topalov, in the Hoogovens Tournament 1999. The Pirc Defense was played by Topalov, and Kasparov demolished him with his aggressive style of play.

Both players castled on the queenside and the following position arrived in the middlegame:

It’s White’s turn now. We can see that his d5-pawn is hanging, and his queen is ready to be exchanged by Black. How would you proceed here?

After calculating all possible variations, you can watch the video analysis of the game by our guest coach CM Tryfon Gavriel (who is also the author of the course “Crushing the King”) below:

You can download the PGN of this game below:

That was truly a masterpiece, isn’t it! 🙂 It’s amazing that this game was played nearly 20 years ago. We’re grateful to see such games of Kasparov that make us awestruck. His aggressive style of play is just one of a kind! It’s not surprising that the current World Champion Magnus Carlsen, whom Kasparov coached from 2009 to 2010, said of Kasparov, “I’ve never seen someone with such a feel for dynamics in complex positions.

I would say that it is important for every chess player to study the games of Kasparov, as he brought a lot of new ideas to chess, such as the importance of initiative and using computers to improve one’s game. Perhaps, modern chess might be different if it wasn’t for Kasparov’s contribution to the game.

Finally, I would like you to discuss on this topic – what do you like about Kasparov or what is your favourite chess game played by him? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments below. 🙂
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