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Today, I’d like to share with you some great news. Some time ago, one of our students placed the following comment:

I’d love to see Igor Smirnov’s story as a chess prodigy and becoming the Grandmaster in a book or video.

An auto-biography of GM Smirnov’s chess development, witty advices that worked for advancement, remarkable games and encounters with the Champions (directly or indirectly).”

There’s a Chinese proverb:

If you want to know the road ahead, ask those coming back.

Therefore, I’ve decided to write a book – hence, it might be helpful for you to get the lessons that I’ve learnt over the 21 years of my ‘chess journey’. 🙂

You can help me write a really valuable book soon.


  • Please write in the comments below what you would like to see in this book. Any of your questions or preferences are highly welcome.
  • I’m looking for an editor. Since English is not my native language, you may help me put the words into proper sentences. 🙂 You will have the opportunity to help the chess world, earn some extra bucks and hopefully have a pleasant time working on this project. Please check the details and apply here: LINK

Finally, I’d like to remind you of two important things:

First, on 19 and 20 July, you’ll get 10 x RCA Points on your purchase(s).



  • What are RCA Points: LINK
  • How to use RCA Points: LINK

So don’t miss this really MASSIVE opportunity! 🙂


Second, as you may already know, my second “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) event will be conducted on Reddit on International Chess Day, 20 July at 10 a.m. New York time (check timings here: LINK).


  • How to ask questions on my AMA event: LINK
  • My Reddit profile: LINK


Of course, you may ‘follow’ me on my Reddit profile and get ready for my AMA event (I hope you are ready with your questions. :)) However, just stay tuned, as we’ll be sharing the link of the page where my AMA event will be conducted!

igorsmirnovama design

While I’m working on this new book for you, you may test your skills in an interesting position presented below:

Black to play

What should Black play here in order to parry White’s threat of g4? After calculating all possible variations, you may check the whole game here: LINK

Comments: 21

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  1. Dear Igor I want to know who influence you in chess and personal life.1. Do u believe in God what is your opinion on him.The sad moments and happiest moments in your life and what you learn from it. 3.Every experience give positive beliefs and Negative beliefs what are there. 4.Suggest some ideas that useful for chess and personal life as well. 5. About your love story and what u like about your wife.
    Thx your sammy

  2. Some people say learning about chess can show you things about yourself, and vice versa. Did you experience anything like this? Do you know yourself better through chess?
    What are the challenges of being or trying to become a GM? To the outside eye, we public see a few lecture and replay your games. It sounds like an amazing life, but what about the things we don’t see? How much did you have to study? Did you ever get discouraged or lose motivation, and if so, how did you get it back? Did you have to sacrifice anything (time, relationships, school, etc) for your chess training? And finally, was there ever a moment where you knew you wanted to devote yourself to chess, or was it just a gradual process?

    Hope the book is awesome! Look forward to it!

  3. As for me, I mentioned already all the general ideas in the above comment about GM Igor’s chess legacy. Going down to specifics, i wanted to know the REAL story behind your chess journey from a starter to being the Grandmaster now and even beyond! I want to see the making of a chess legend and the memorable chess encounters that will be useful for aspiring chess fans.

  4. Hi GM, I would like to know what chess books did you read when you were a chess player? and also books apart of chess. Who did you train with? Who was your coach? People who have influenced you as a person or as a chess player. Why you stopped playing tournaments? How was a normal day for Smirnov as chess player at the age of 14 or 15? Which career did you choose and why? Thank you.

  5. I would like to see important games in your development as a chess player. Also I would love to hear your experiences with the Ukrainian and formerly soviet school of chess. What were your favorite books. What teacher influenced you most?

    Best of luck writing the story.

  6. I’d like to know your “success story”! Most instructive games you’ve won and lost. Inspiring chess tales and/or anecdotes and real life stories.

  7. Dear Igor,
    You have covered all the sections for chess but You didn’t cover how to get rid from the time pressure and how to play in a time pressure situation.Please cover these sections

  8. Since chess is the mother of all strategy games, have you been able to mirror you strategy in chess with other endeavors in life? For example: if you are a business man, are you able to find the principles of chess in business also? Thanks and good luck writing the book!

  9. Dear Igor smirnov that’s great news that you are writing a new book please tell us about the professional life of world top players and how they struggle everyday on getting into the top. Thanks again for this book and your hard work.

  10. Igor when did your training develop to the professional level? I am referring to a FIDE Master 2000?
    What did you have to do in hours, materials, and tournaments. I am interested in pedagogy and psychology as I believe you are. Was all of your interest on chess?

    1. Hi Bhakta,

      Unfortunately, Igor has a busy schedule and can’t answer all questions here, but he will be having an AMA today at 10:30 New York time on Reddit. You are welcome to ask the qestion there and I’m sure he will be happy to answer.

      Best regards,
      Silvestras | Student Support Officer

  11. Dear Igor ,what about training DVDs of players like Timur gareev,yasser seirawan,ron Henley ,shirov, Danny kopec, damian lemos .are they good training tools thankyu in advance. Please tell mei your opinion about above mentioned. Coach es.

  12. Dear Igor sir,you don’t need any editor to translate your russian languages you can use Google translator on google website to translate your native language.

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