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Today, we have a topic I’m bringing to your attention a bit suddenly, for I’d like to ask your adviceabout a few things. Of course, I’ve prepared a nice present for you as well! 🙂 But, let me start from the beginning.

More and more people, who know about my work on the Internet, keep asking me about my occupation. I see that a lot of people, unfortunately, are not happy with their current job. Many are discovering the great working opportunities that the Internet provides us with.


All in all, I’m starting to think I might help you in some other areas, in addition to chess. With my own experience, and through the whole work of the Remote Chess Academy, we’ve learned a lot about EFFECTIVE training.


Now I’m thinking of applying this experience to some other areas that are important for you. Hence, I need your advice.

I’d truly appreciate it if you spend just a couple of minutes of your time to take part in a short survey. Moreover, you’ll get a very nice present at the end, as my additional thanks for your help! 🙂


<< Take part in the survey >>

Once you complete the survey, you’ll get a nice present – a free mini-course “Chess Training Plan for Rapid Improvement”. I’m sure you’ll really enjoy it. 🙂


<<Take part in the survey>>



Black to play

Although Black is already two pawns up, White tries to give his best shot by attacking both the d8-rook and the d7-bishop. How should Black continue here?

After calculating all possible variations, you may check the whole game here: LINK

P.S. Just to keep this clear, chess is my profession and my passion. Certainly I’ll keep producing new lessons, courses etc. for you. In the above article, I’m talking about an ADDITIONAL area of work, possibly a branch of RCA. I’ll truly appreciate your advice: please, take part in the survey
Comments: 13

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  1. dear igor thanks a for mini course i like your idea helping other in other area. i like to suggest an idea other academy that teach extra skills like psychology philosophy, lectures with top successful persons which is good for self improvement i hope u like it. other question while training habits can i analyze my games and other player games daily and also while studying certain topic for some time can u give study plan for 8 hours

  2. Thanks GM Igor,
    The material is very useful for aspiring chess students!!
    Is there a way to view this mini-course offline (downloadable version)?

  3. 1) Thank you very much for your suggestions! I always take it into consideration. Regarding “self-improvement” topic, personally I like it a lot. On the other hand, there are plenty of materials/websites available already. What is missing there in your opinion? What kind of questions/problems do you still have but can’t find a proper solution?

    2) You certainly should analyze your own games. Even Kasparov stated his thorough analysis as one of the primary factors of his success. As for the games of other players, well, you analyze them while studying any chess topic.
    If you still have some other questions, feel free to write them.

    1. Dear igor thx for your response its always a great pleasure for me to receive your answers because i was highly inspired by your life,teaching,attitude. as you said there are plenty of materials/websites available already but i have a doubt in mind they are quality products i need ur suggestions about what products to buy my request is it great for me if made any course about it by using your own experience. 2) as for other questions and problems in what kind of things u can help me, can u create any organisation to sponcer poor and middle class chess players for there chess career which is the main problems for chess player

  4. Thankyu Igor for this advice for self improvement. You are great!!! Can I get a webinar for free instead of mini course?? How to press your opponents like carlsen??

  5. Thanks, Ayush, I’m glad you enjoyed the advice.

    I’m sorry but the conditions are the same for all the students, I can’t make exceptions. The webinar is not that expensive actually, my private lesson (with the same content) would cost much more 🙂

  6. okk igor your one webinar cost 1000rs for me therefore i was begging you .but no problem i am watching dvd 1 of simon williams and i must say that it is too hard and complicated.i had never seen such a hard dvd in past 3 years.dear igor,can you establish a chess school in india??what your advice .??

    1. Which DVD are you watching?

      I have a lot of students from India, and many RCA team members are from this country. So I’m thinking about India, perhaps one day I’ll arrange something there 🙂

  7. off topic 😀

    It would be great if you start making about 1 or 2 free (fully free) chess videos where you explain some interesting topics, because thats what you’re really great at, explaining chess! Unfortunately there were only advertisement and introduction videos on remote chess academy in the last months.

    1. Hi Matthias,
      Thank you for your suggestion. We will take them into account.
      GM Igor Smirnov has done lot of free content in our YouTube as well the new course.

      Igor believes in making high quality chess content which may sometimes take up to 6 months.

      Prasaadh | Student Support Officer

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