The Greatest King Walk in Chess by Nigel Short!

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A king walk in chess, also known as a king march, is when the king travels up around the board, especially with the idea of a mating attack against the opposing king. However, this seldom happens in practical games, as king safety is the primary concern.

Nevertheless, the first ever world champion Wilhelm Steinitz said the following “The King is a fighting piece – use it!”.
The King is a fighting piece use itToday we’re going to see the greatest king walk in the history of chess. It’s the very famous chess game played between Nigel Short and Jan Timman.

The Alekhine Defense was played, and in the middlegame, Short exploited the dark-square weakness of Timman and created several holes there. The holes were large enough to fit the largest piece of the game, the King! And Short did just that –he brought his king into the game, took a march and checkmated his opponent.

You can watch this amazing game in the instructive video analysis by our guest coach Mato Jelic.


P.S. Do you know any other amazing king walks? 🙂 Please share the games below if you found it, or if you have played it.
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Comments: 2

Comments 2

  1. yeahi ave seen many examples of that recnetly and i am glad for the post made here tanks alot sir igor you are the best coaches ever please do some dvds for and the website many oter top gm are doing so .what do you think did caruana can beat carlsen in london??

  2. dear sir do you think could anyone can defeat carlsen these days ??how many hours did worl top 20 players give to chess and how much money they spend in chess every month any idea igor sir thanks??

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