Greatest Queen Sacrifice Ever by Rashid Nezhmetdinov

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Sacrifices in chess are always nice to see, and feels really satisfying when we nail a perfect sacrifice to win the game. Queen sacrifices are those that give the most satisfaction when we pull it off. Indeed, one has to be very careful when making sacrifices, especially the queen sacrifice.

Surely, being careful doesn’t not necessarily mean that you almost never make them. It’s just that you have to be very accurate with your calculations and think a lot before you make the sacrificing move. Even top Grandmasters and other titled players cannot always rely on their intuition and guts.

Today we’re going to see what is probably the greatest queen sacrifice ever! It was made by Rashid Nezhmetdinov, a Soviet Chess player who was active during the 1950s and the 1960s. He played this game against Oleg Chernikov, and the game followed the accelerated dragon variation in the Sicilian Defense.

The beauty of this queen sacrifice is that it doesn’t involve any tactical blow or combinations, the most popular ones that usually result in a checkmate. However, this queen sacrifice was made in the middlegame, when there was no chance for any tactic of any sort. It was rather a positional sacrifice – the queen sacrifice was made for a compensation of two minor pieces, a bishop and a knight! Yes, that’s how great this sacrifice was!

You can watch this masterpiece in the instructive video analysis below:


Did you like this game? Would you make (or have made in the past) such sacrifices? 🙂
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Comments: 1

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