Grunfeld defense: Bobby Fischer’s masterpiece!

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Today I’ve some great news for you – our next course is titled “Master the Grunfeld defense as Black” dedicated to one of the most popular and powerful openings in chess, and it will be released soon!

I’ll not share all the details now, but I’d like to say WHY we decided to create this course. In a survey we conducted a few months ago, many of YOU, the RCA students, asked for a course on this opening, and that’s how this course was born – thanks for that! 🙂

In the previous article, we discussed about this opening, where our guest coach IM David Miedema explained why Peter Svidler is the god of Grunfeld defense. If you missed it I recommend you to watch that instructive lesson now.

Today we’ll look at another game from an extraordinary player, a legend, Bobby Fischer. This game was played by Fischer when he was only 13-years-old and is considered as his most famous chess game.
bobby fischer youngThe brilliant use of almost all the tactical motifs like: The Pin, Discovered Attack/Check, Smothered Mate, Windmill adds to the popularity of this masterpiece game. So that’s another reason why the Grunfeld defense is a very powerful opening! 🙂

Fischer and Grunfeld defense

Fischer adopted this alternative to his normal King’s Indian. He maintains that Black obtains excellent play against White’s center in the exchange variation, while other less sharp lines give Black no problems.

He saved this defense for top-level encounters. The Grunfeld’s tendency to lead to a build up of increasingly greater tension, with Black firing a direct volley at White’s center, creates the preconditions for decisive chess which admirably suits Fischer’s style.

In this game, you’ll learn the most powerful techniques used by Fischer, and therefore will be able to imitate his style. You can watch the video below:

Note: this lesson was published a year ago, but I recommend you to watch it again even if you’ve watched it before. You might not remember the key ideas, plus now you could look at this game from a different perspective – i.e. how powerful this opening is and how can YOU do the same. Perhaps, this is a game that every chess player who plays the Grunfeld defense (or willing to play) must watch!

P.S. Stay tuned for we’ll provide more information on the course. 🙂

Quick success in chess

Comments: 8

Comments 8

  1. Igor in your video “I already know it” Part 2 – I cannot find the whole game you presented(the kings indian game, where you said white didnt understand planning concept). There’s no link in description and for some reason I cannot get the course “Quick Success in chess.” I got the email but the download won’t start. Maybe it’s a bug? How can I fix it? If not possible, can you give me a link or straight PGN for the game I’m asking about? Thanks

    1. Hi Lovro,

      Sorry for the trouble. I have an e-mail to you with the PGN of the game that you asked for as well as the direct link to the free course “Quick Success in Chess”.

      Prasaadh | Support

  2. thankyou igor sir for this grat information you are doing awesome job pleasetell us who is going to produce this course you or david ??

      1. okk sir thankyou for help it is just great that our rca has significantly growen in last 5 years .you are great god lbess you byee tc.

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