Happy International Chess Day and GM Igor Smirnov’s AMA event

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Today, 20 July, is the 91st anniversary of the founding of FIDE in Paris, France, in 1924. Since 1966, this day has been celebrated by chess players from all over the globe as International Chess Day!

And if you are among them, then accept my congratulations and I wish you a very Happy International Chess Day on behalf of the Remote Chess Academy (RCA) team. 🙂

Chess helps us to sharpen our mind skills and always keep them in the best condition, enjoy the game and reward ourselves with positive emotions that no other sport can offer!

We’ve published some articles for you to help make you feel motivated and proud of being a chess player:


  • History of chess – Part 1 and Part 2
  • Power of a chess game – LINK
  • Psychology in chess – LINK

So keep going guys and bring out your full potential in our beloved 64-squared game! 🙂
ilovechess designAnd yes, the celebration is not so special if there is nothing ‘special’. Let me remind you of the special offer that I have provided you with on this prosperous day – you can get 10 x RCA Points on your purchase(s) and this special offers ends TODAY!


  • What are RCA Points – LINK
  • How to use RCA Points – LINK

There are only few more hours left; therefore, don’t miss this amazing opportunity! 🙂 You may even save your ‘tremendous points’ that you’ll be earning today and use them later.
designAnd finally, to heat up the party, let me tell you something cool. 🙂 My “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) event will start in a few hours (at 10 a.m. New York time – check timings here: LINK) on Reddit.

  • You may ‘follow’ me on Reddit by visiting my profile – LINK
  • How to ask questions on my AMA event on Reddit – LINK
  • Join the AMA event and shoot your questions – LINK

The duration of the event will be two hours. I’ll be waiting for you there and I hope you are ready with interesting questions. 🙂 You can ask me anything about chess, myself and RCA.

Comments: 6

Comments 6

  1. Dear igor smirnov i was not able to receive answers to all my questions so i want to ask it here ill post it from type to time i hope i will receive here without further adue let me ask my questions 1..Can u tell me what
    books you read for self improvement? Can u suggest any books, 2.Can u give me thinking system for blitz? Can I think about
    the generalities of a position in blitz it is better to think about it in my
    time or opponent time or I have to play
    Your sammy joshua

  2. 1) At the moment I’m reading Jim Rohn. In general, I’m a big fond of self-improvement topic, and have studied a lot of books of different authors.

    2) That’s a big question, I’ll take it into account while making future lessons.

  3. Thx Igor for your Answer i noticed while studying your courses and yesterday while Answering questions some times you started with some interesting jokes them you come to the point i like a lot do you imitated it from other persons or it came to u naturally. 2.I hope i will see the free lesson or paid lesson to my questions please save all question i asked in ama.What is the name of the book it it Jim Rohn suggest some more. 3)I would like to suggest an idea please allocate some pages to share you self improvement book reading experience share you analysis on different idea based on your book reading i mean your opinions and views on different ideas that learned from the book
    sammy joshua

  4. 1) It’s easy to make jokes, it’s hard to make something more valuable.

    2) Sure, I take all the questions into account. Most of my courses, books etc were created in reply to the students’ questions.

    3) Personally, I enjoy self-improvement topic, and I do study it for myself. As for creating some dedicated web resource about it – it depends on whether other people need it or not. If many students ask for that, it’ll motivate me to opt in.

    1. Thx for considering my question.secondly you surprise me and impress me from time to time i know you from middle of 2012 from that on words i changed significantly from time to time and highly influenced by you few days back i bought your book champion psychology after reading it i realized the fact chess is a training tool i need to use it to grow as a person and has a player that sit i dont care if i win the or lose the game or even i dosent matter ill become gm or not all these happen because of u thx a lot once again

    2. Yes Igor is right he is an amazing coach .dear Igor cab you please make a new course a complete tely new course on advanced principles that worked in all three stages of the game and those rules which are used by top super gm in their games for example carlsen aronian etc. Thankyu in advance.

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