Happy New Year and More Details About the New Course

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I wish you a very Happy New Year on behalf of the Remote Chess Academy (RCA) Team! May 2019 be a great year for you, both in chess and in life. On this joyous occasion, I’d like to share with you one of my recent photos:
GM Igor Smirnov

Wish you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!

In my previous blog-post, I informed you that RCA’s new course is about one of the most popular chess players in the world, Mikhail Tal, and that it’s in its final stages. Today I’m going to share with you more details about the course, its release date and the authors of the course.

The course is titled “Mikhail Tal’s Magic Revealed” and the authors of the course are myself and one of the popular guest coaches of RCA, Mato Jelic (who recently published the video lesson “Mikhail Tal’s Brilliant Sacrifice”). The course will be released on Thursday, 3 January. You can find the e-cover of the course below:
Mikhail Tal Magic RevealedWhat’s Special About this Course?

You will learn from the Magician from Riga, Mikhail Tal, and can imitate his aggressive and daring style. There are a lot of books and videos about Tal, but this course is unique because it will give you practical rules, conclusions, and we have revealed the secrets behind Tal’s thinking system, and most importantly, how you can incorporate his style in YOUR own games.

In addition to that, the course has a very powerful practical part – it will test your skills based on your learning from the course. There are 9 videos for the tasks in the practical part and it will be in the form of Q&A, prepared by our Academy Department. It is very interactive, interesting and will be very useful for you to improve your game.

How excited are you about this course? Also, what are your goals (both chess and personal goals) for 2019? Do you have any resolutions? What are your takeaways from 2018? Please feel free to write in the comments below.

Comments: 7985

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  1. For time being I am studying The Selftaught GM and The GM’s Positional Understanding and I think I will have a lot to do för a few months ahead. By the way I haven’t succed to raise my Elo yet.
    Regards from one of your students.

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