Happy New Year + Prophylactic Thinking

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First, we’re sorry for the inconvenience caused because the RCA shop was not working. For that reason, we have extended the Holiday Season special offers – you can get all the RCA courses with a huge 40% discount till Saturday, 4 January (inclusive). All you have to do is use the coupon “xmas”. If you don’t know how to use a coupon, please see here.

And if you buy an RCA course on or before 4 January (or if you have bought one since 24 Dec.), you will definitely get a recording of my 1-hour Skype sessions with 2 students who bought an RCA course during this offer period. If you are even luckier, you could be one of those 2 buyers to have a 1-hour Skype session with me. 😊
Happy New Year 2020 Remote Chess Academy

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In light of that, let me wish you a very Happy and prosperous New Year on behalf of the RCA Team! May this year bring new happiness, new goals, new achievements and a lot of new inspirations on your life. I wish you a year loaded with happiness.
Happy New Year 2020 Remote Chess AcademydesignAlso, one of the RCA Team members, Manuel Ocantos has prepared a very interesting video lesson for you on the topic “Prophylaxis”.

What is Prophylaxis in Chess?

Prophylaxis is a way to prevent your opponent’s ideas. During a chess game, we usually think about a lot of moves and variations, plan a lot of things. Nevertheless, it is equally important to consider our opponent’s plans as well and, most importantly, prevent them if they are dangerous for you.

In some cases, you will be forced to make a prophylactic move and, in other cases, it might not be completely necessary, but yet if you make it, life gets harder for your opponent. It is like a waiting move.

In this following video lesson, Manuel Ocantos will show you some examples of prophylactic moves in the chess openings Benoni Defense and the Ruy Lopez. He also shows you a couple of interesting games played by Karpov, Kasparov, and Nimzowitsch.



  • It’s important to always focus on your opponent’s plan
  • Playing prophylactic moves can also be helpful whenever we don’t know what to do
  • Neutralizing your opponent’s plan can frustrate him/her. It also makes it harder for him/her to play

Have you ever played prophylactic moves in your games? Please share them with us. Also, leave in the comments below some other openings in which you see prophylactic moves.


Comments: 25

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