Top Health Benefits of Playing Chess While Under Lockdown

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The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has caused most countries of the world to move quickly to lock down businesses and practice social distancing. The US is one of the countries most severely affected when it comes to many infections of Covid-19, loss of jobs, and having to work from home.

During a long time social isolation at home, we are always looking for amusing games for free time or play with your children. Now, instead of just staring at the phone screen, why don’t you start playing chess.

Let’s find out the reasons you should play chess while practicing social distancing at home by COVID-19.

chess during lockdown

It trains your brain

Many adults, even children, spend hours on their phones entertained. But this is recommended to be very harmful to the eyes and health of the user if continued for long periods without healthy cold activities.

Therefore, you can choose healthier activities like aerobic, yoga or playing chess. While exercise improves your body’s endurance, chess, as an intellectual sport, helps train your mind.

According to statistics, chess ranks 4th in the preferences of the richest people on the planet.

In addition, chess helps you hone your championship mentality. Of course, there are many other types of sports to start with, but they run the risk of serious injury and hardship while you are practicing social distancing at home.

Environment-friendly game

Many enjoy playing chess in their spare time to relieve stress and practice concentration. For others, chess can be a good job, an eco-friendly game where you don’t have to litter or waste energy to help mitigate environmental problems. The chessboard is usually made of wooden tape which is completely environmentally friendly.

Make money from playing chess

Unfortunately, a lot of people have to take on a job they absolutely don’t like just to make a living. You can play chess for a hobby while others can make money from it. Great if you can make money from teaching and playing chess, something you love and trust.

chess game

Easy to get started

In addition, chess is easy to get started with and doesn’t have any age restrictions. Your kids can play chess with you starting from 4 years old. You don’t have to go to a special training room or buy expensive equipment.

Today, thanks to the Internet, you can effectively access plenty of online courses from anywhere. This is especially important for people from developing countries who do not have chess clubs.

Connect you and your child

Playing chess is a great way to help you educate your child. Many parents choose to play chess as a great training tool for children. Children can practice acquiring many useful daily skills when you are social distancing at home to be safe from coronavirus.

Obese people play chess that helps slow down the aging process and keep them in good shape.

Opportunity to exchange internationally

Regardless of whether you or your child has chess playing skills, staying home during the Coronavirus outbreak is a great time to practice. This will open up the opportunity to lead you to visit a lot of countries while competing in tournaments.

Meet good and intelligent friends

Thanks to chess, you have the opportunity to meet many very nice and interesting people from many different countries. You know, but great chess players have incredible intelligence and concentration. It is a great opportunity for you to learn and develop yourself.


Of course, there are many other advantages to playing chess that you should try starting or practicing at home during social break. So why don’t you start it now? You can find chess training courses at the Remote Chess Academy shop and make things happened. Good luck!

Comments: 6

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  1. I find it amazing how playing chess can help in improving your brain functions, especially your championship mindset. My friend is looking for a new hobby that he could start once his week-long rest takes effect next week. I’ll be sure to share this with him so that he’d consider looking for a way to learn chess online!

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