Hikaru Nakamura’s dramatic and adventurous win in Dutch defense against Jovana Vojinovic

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Today our guest coach, CM Tryfon Gavriel, has a very instructive game to show you, which he considers one of the most outrageous chess openings ever played in the Tradewise Gibraltar tournament in 2015. The game was played between the women’s grandmaster Jovana Vojinovic and Hikaru Nakamura in the Dutch Defense.

Although this opening variation hasn’t had a fantastic reputation, it gives an opportunity for Black to show off his tactical skills. It’s a risky opening. Magnus Carlsen considers that flank openings are often the most aggressive way to play for a win, while solid defenses often end in a draw.

The Anti-Dutch system (2.Bg5) was played and the strange thing is that Nakamura played 6 queen moves in the first 8 moves of the game! Yes, he broke the basic opening principles and his pawn structure was collapsed; he lost almost all of his pawns on the kingside. As a result, his king fled away to c7; but somehow, all of a sudden, there were no concrete threats and Naka survived. And not just that, he even won the game! 🙂

You can watch and enjoy all this drama from this very instructive video analysis:


you can learn more about the pawn structures here!

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Comments: 4

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