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Have you found the answer? You should have thought by yourself AND analyzed the position with your computer engine after that.


Last time I told you about another BOMB-course in the works. And it’s bound to be ready a couple of days from now.

As I have said, the new course will be about a positional understanding. There, I will show and explain WHY the strategical rules are so, and even HOW they were created! (I doubt if you ever seen information like that in any chess book 🙂 )

The course’s goal is to give you a clear vision of how to play chess…allowing you to find right moves quickly, easily and constantly. If you study this course seriously, you will make a qualitative leap forward in your chess development. You will join a small group of players, who REALLY UNDERSTAND chess.

Again, my goal is to give you a complete understanding of a chess game. That’s why I decided to provide my personal attention to the customers of this course.

I want to take the EXTRA mile and make sure you REALLY get the most out of the course. I want to make sure that you understand and digest every bit of presented information. Thus you will get the best effect out of your training. Then you have no chances not to become a stronger player! 🙂

That said, here’s a SWEET deal I’m sure you can’t refuse:

1) I’ll give you 2-4 weeks to study the course, which is enough to watch the video lessons and go through some of the practical tasks. If you have any questions – all you have to do is send them to my personal email.

2) I will collect your questions, and will produce 5 additional lessons with replies to your questions! We will NOT just take your chess understanding to the NEXT level, we will also CLEAR up that question… that mystery, which could lead to a BREAKTHROUGH for you!


Comments: 98

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  1. Hello mr Igor,
    You do very nice offer! 🙂
    But you didn’t say what we can do to get this lessons… :/
    The game from the tast was Greate! I will keep it in the best games of Korjnoy!

  2. hallo Igor Smirnin,
    it´s really an exciting offer!
    iam convinced that your new course is GREAT!!

    with best wishes from Vienna

  3. wooooooooooooooooooow this is really so great amazing!, I will buy your new course when it is ready! really thank u so so much my master!!!!!!!! take care

  4. Thank You very much for your offering.
    I believe this is will improve my chess game, but how do I register to get this offer?

  5. Thank you Igor, this sounds like an incredible offer. One question! Will we be informed about the course in the usual way?

  6. The course will probably be ready on Monday the 24th. Certainly I’ll send you a special e-mail about it. First 150 customers will get bonuses. Others will get a great course. Everyone will be happy! 🙂 There is no way to register in advance. Just be ready on Monday!

    1. Hello Igor – I’m definitely interested in the course and ready to subscribe – just please make the link (and any instructions) available. Thank you!

  7. Exciting news. I have a small request for GM Smirnov, if possible. On the new course, could you please briefly discuss how the course integrates with your others, and whereabouts in a training program the new course belongs. In other words, the sort of information you give in ‘Self-Taught GM’, where you present a schedule of how your courses should be studied. It’s important to one’s learning, I think, to see internal consistency across your courses; to have a good idea how the ideas in one course fit with the ideas of the other course. This helps build logically upon the basic thinking process that you present in ‘GM Secrets’.

  8. IGOR sir I want to know about the course its interesting for a chess player, how to register…..! imp.-i don`t buy any course from somewhere. ple guide me

  9. Dear Mr.Smirnov,
    Thank you so much for your offer.
    I was rather busy in these days for some other jobs that I couldn’t get much time to check my e-mail box. Had I got so certainly I would be in the list of first 100 customers.
    Anyway,I’m still hoping to be one in the list of first 100,if not so, at least, in first 150,of course.
    I believe everything will go fine and I’ll receive the COURSE on 24th of October .
    Hoping for the best for you and for your family.
    Best regards

  10. hope to be included in the first 100 or in the next 50..thank you for all the efforts to improve our chess game, GM Igor, More Power.

  11. Igor, I will be working at that time. Is it okay to add another (work) email address of mine to the list so that I can read about the new course? Will I get the same messages?

    1. You are definitely right 🙂 The course is ready actually. Now my programmers solve last technical issues and after that everything will be ready. I can’t tell you the excact time, but I hope to finish soon.

  12. Short and sweet, I bought the “GrandMaster’s Positional Understanding” course- and it is fantastic. It gives the reader/viewer a very precise plan for being better at chess.
    I see this course as something that would help the beginner up to and through an expert player. I am 100% glad I made the purchase.

    Thank you GM Igor Smirnov!

  13. I own all the courses i have not improve at all. When i used your positional principles with the engine the move is not even listed. Or when i used it against stronger opponent i lost faster than i was doing before. I am now beginning to regret all the money that i spent. Either your course is met to be a course to get money or you have not goes in enough details or A player rated 1894 like me is not understanding nothing. In any case i have just make lost in money and time. Another problem is when you go to the support zone you ask a questions it says to you go to the FAQ and is never answered which prove that no one on this site is really caring whether the player is having problems or not. Why i am writing this is to get real help from Mr Igor Smirnov itself to enlightened me about these problems.

  14. Hello Igor! In your oferts with a Chritmas or New Year congratulations I dont see the posibilities of made one own packet. For example. If iam interesting in buy Midle game analys, The end game and other books, I want to select self these books and bye allt at the same time. It think that it will betther for all peoples to buy packet with future bonus. Thank you GM Igor Smirnov and have a very Happy New Year 2013. ( I have yet payed for the openings book but have not the link to download?)

  15. How long does it takes with tournements to become an IM ? my rating now is around 1927 elo little rusty but i starts to play more – and how many hours a day should one study- and how many tournements should one play . i have bought winning plan and opening prep 1. and it has helped my fokus

  16. You need to reach 2400 rating to become an IM. Although it’s quite a long distance for you (considering your current rating), some of the students were able to gain 200 and even 300 rating points within a couple of months.

    Since you are striving for professional achievements, you should play at least 1 tournament every 1-2 months.

    Regarding the daily training time, it should be at least 3 hours (if you wish to progress quickly).

    I’m glad the courses you’ve purchased were helpful for you. For your level I do recommend to study one of the fundamental courses: “The Grandmaster’s Positional Understanding” or “The Grandmaster’s Secrets”.

    Good luck! 🙂

    1. Many thanks Mr.Smirnov , i will play in a winter tournement 9 rounds where i i will meat 2000- 2200 players- ( i´ve god the chance because of 1 place in -basic 1 last this year )- same time team games 7 rounds in the winter so hope i will progress – playing 30 minuts games on ICC (- and i will studie hard) . thanks for the 2 videos it made me rethink my play- and i take your advice.- 😉

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