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  1. Thank you very much my Grandmaster for this video lesson !!
    A very interesting video about the Bishop. Thanks to you, I have learned a new things. In the past, I did knew why in many case many players developped their Bishop before their Knights ,but now I understand this idea. It’s very good idea, because if your opponent play with a bad Bishop you have a lot of chance to win the game.

  2. Thanx to the brilliant insight. The idea of restraining a bishop is good strategy. Now I may apply this concept in my games and my chidren’s.

  3. Nice lesson! Question: at 12:20, when Black decides to attack the a4 Bishop from c5, why did you choose to move the Knight to a6 instead of d7 ?

  4. Tolena: I would say he suggests move based on the principle of maximum activity. If you look at it from that point of view, the knight has more active prospects on a6 then on d7. Cool lesson.

  5. Hi Sir ‘This Bishop arrest’ Lession is very nice here I feel the lession GM Standerd really Thankyou very very much!

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    May I know what is a bad video? Please tell your suggestions.
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