How to Attack in Chess?

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Today I’d like to share with you a really cool game played by the former world chess champion Vladimir Kramnik against Leonid Yudasin, where he shows really well how to develop a crushing attack against your opponent’s king with a beautiful combination.

Kramnik played the Sveshnikov variation from the Sicilian Defene, and after the opening stage he had a centralized pawn on e5, with no counterpart. Kramnik realized that it was his strength and he developed a strong kingside attack by anchoring that pawn.

While Kramnik developed his attack by bringing in all his pieces into the attack, his pawn, after being pushed to e4, restricted his opponent’s pieces on the queenside from entering into the center or the kingside for defense. Watch the complete video analysis in which I’ve summarized the powerful attacking principle of simultaneously improving pieces and attacking the opponent.


As I’ve mentioned in the video, the crisis due to the coronavirus and the quarantine, the situation is a bit unpleasant, and I hope that chess helps you to spend this time doing some nice. Let me know in the comments below how you spend your time.

Comments: 16

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