How to Attack an Open File and Win? | Flank Attack

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Today our guest coach GM Marian Petrov has prepared a video lesson, where he analyzes his game where he checkmated his opponent within just a few moves after launching a crushing attack on an open file.

The French defense was played, and Petrov tricked his opponent to castle on the queenside. After that, he captured the so-called poisoned pawn on a7 with his bishop, inviting his opponent to trap the bishop by playing b6-Kb7-Kxa7. This allowed Petrov to push his a-pawn and create a pawn break, which eventually opened up the a-file. In just a few moves after that, Petrov made his opponent resign due to inevitable checkmate.

Watch the instructive video analysis below:

You can download the PGN of this game below:

P.S. Also, here’s another interesting (and funny) lesson from GM Marian Petrov where he analyzes his old game – he missed few winning chances and hunted his opponent’s king for several moves. Watch the video lesson here.

Comments: 25

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