How to beat a STRONGER opponent?

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In the previous lesson, we analyzed the correct attitude and mental approach when facing WEAKER opponents. Now let’s talk about the flip side of the coin: the right mental approach when facing a STRONGER opponent.

Just like in the previous scenario, there are some typical mistakes (which most players make), and I have some important practical recommendations and antidotes for these mistakes. Without further ado, let’s go!

Let’s say your opponent is about 200 rating points ahead of you. You know that this guy is strong and can find powerful ideas and combinations. You’ve seen him crushing a player on the same rating range as you!

To make sure you don’t suffer the same fate, you try playing carefully, and you don’t mind getting a draw.
This mental approach sometimes makes you playing too carefully. No, that’s an understatement – this mental approach makes you play PASSIVELY. When you play passive moves, you don’t create any problems for your opponent. You let him call the shots and make his task easier.


Now let’s look at this situation from another angle. A stronger (more experienced) player usually has better understanding and technique. In a calm position he will outplay you slowly, but surely. And since you are not posing any problems, there are no risks involved when he pushes hard for a win, and that’s EXACTLY what he wants!

This brings us to a bit paradoxical conclusion:

When facing a STRONGER opponent, you should play BOLDLY!

Take risks, whip up attacks, throw him off-balance with sacrifices and accept his sacrifices and give him a hard time proving his point. Of course, it can fail, but this will give you counter-chances… counter-chances you will never have when you bow down and let him take the driver’s seat when you play passively.

By the way, most of modern business companies know the rule:

“The RISKIEST thing is to take NO risks.”

There’s no guarantee that risky play will bring you a win.
But, passive play will bring a loss for sure.

I’ve already explained all EXACT TECHNIQUES for beating stronger opponents in the course “How To Beat Titled Players” (LINK). I recommend that you repeat it from time to time. It’s especially important to keep following the 3rd and 4th video lessons all the time!


To end this lesson, I have a task for you.

It’s White to play, and believe me, you’ll enjoy the solution. 🙂

Of course you should not only find the 1st move, but calculate all the following variations until the end.

After that you can download the solution and check your analysis: LINK

Comments: 1364

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  1. great thank u so much for it, How To Beat Titled Players I have that course, I will repeat 3rd and 4 lesson, I get all the time strong chess player’s , I play on a good strong chess club 🙂

  2. Thank you Igor. I am agree with you, when you take risks you have most chance to win. It’s like a business , more risk, more profit.

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