How to beat Super GMs in Blitz Chess?

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Today, I’ve very good news for you. As you may have noticed through our message on our social media pages (for instance, our Facebook page: LINK), we’ll be conducting a webinar very soon. The webinar host is someone who is very familiar to you. 🙂

Our next webinar “How to Beat Super GMs in Blitz Chess?” will be conducted on Friday, 15 May at 3 p.m. GMT (check timings here: LINK).


I think you would already have guessed the webinar host after reading the word ‘Blitz’. 🙂 Yes, the host is GM Maxim Dlugy – an extraordinary blitz player. He has an amazing top rating of 2731 in blitz; moreover, he has already conducted the webinar “Blitz Master” for you.


If you attended his previous webinar, good for you, because you will already have learnt a lot about blitz. Moreover, you will have adapted to his teaching methods and, therefore, will easily be able to DIGEST the key ideas he will be teaching in the upcoming webinar “How to beat GMs in blitz”. 🙂

Additionally, if you have studied his course (created along with the RCA team) “Unlocking the Grandmaster’s Mind” (LINK), it’s even better for YOU now! You are already on the right track, as you know about his teaching. 🙂

In this webinar, you will learn from GM Dlugy the most essential secrets about blitz and how to do YOUR BEST while playing against strong players (IMs, GMs, Super GMs) in a blitz game.


Dlugy will provide you with a step-by-step guide on strategies required to beat top GMs in blitz. If that sounds interesting for you, don’t hesitate to join the webinar by clicking the button below:


<<Join the webinar now>>


Note: remember to vote for the BEST games and annotations in the RCA Game Festival. You can find the games and how to vote here: LINK. The voting will be closed on Wednesday, 20 May. 🙂


P.S. There are only two days left for the webinar. So the seats might be taken very quickly (they are limited to 100 only). Therefore, if you wish to join the webinar, then do so right now: LINK
Comments: 16

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  1. Dear Igor dlugy webinars and his teaching are always useless he deosesnot teach anything he just sit down atvtge board and shows us lots of theoretical variations .sir please cancel this webinar and invite mikhailo osleinkito to host this webinar.thankyu in advance.

  2. Thank you for your feedback, Ayush! I take it into account.

    We’ll definitely make new lessons/webinars with Oleksienko in the future.

    As for Dlugy, I receive mixed feedback about him. Some students enjoyed his webinars a lot, others don’t like it that much. Dlugy is definitely a great blitz player, and in this area there’s certainly something useful we can learn from him. I’ve even learnt a couple of useful ideas myself from Dlugy’s previous webinar about blitz.

    The good thing about webinars is YOU can communicate with the author and ask your questions. Hence, you can turn the discussion into the area of your interest.

    To conclude this, thanks again for your feedback! I’m taking this into account, and you are always welcome to submit your suggestions 🙂

  3. dlugy has got good knowledge but that is not translating in to teaching .even in unlock gm course his lectures were very bore and no usefull information so simply skipped watching his videos.his videos are more like match commentary giving different variations rather than teacjhing to students

  4. Thankyu so much Igor for your feedback, you are grandmasters Igor ,thatswhy you can learn from dlugy but we guys cannot understand the complex variation without ideas and plans.none of the students in the rca enjoys dlugy webinars nor his commentary therefore sir please invite another coach for the webinars thankyu .

  5. Dear igor smirnov i want to talk about maxim dlugy i attended all his webinars and his courcess i enjoyed it very much and i was able to understand what he is saying even though i am not a titled player in my opinion we no need to become to gm to understand what dulgy saying we need to pay attention to the subject and key ideas of subject i dont know why ayush want to pay attention to endless variation that happen in the game i believe he his paying attention to the useless things and he foget he came there to learn about given subject not about useless variation
    the conclusion is the problem is with ayush not dulgy.

  6. Aroshidze’s lessons are excellent. I’m now disappointed I missed his live webinar. Oleksienko’s webinar was also excellent and I would jump at the chance to learn more from him.

    I’m also a big fan of Igor Smirnov. 😉

  7. You mean to say that I am aa fool not to attend dlugy webinar???dlugy is always a bad coach man.his doesnot explain ideas and key moment s in his lectures as igor why are you taking side of dlugy Igor desiples??

  8. Thanks everyone for your feedback! It turned out to be really hard to find good coaches 🙂 Anyway, I’ll keep looking for the best ones for you, while your feedback helps me do this.

    P.S. While you are welcome to share your opinion, please, avoid being impolite to other people. RCA is a place for friendly communication for the sake of our mutual success!

  9. hey ayus i dont mean that let say the subject is blitz so he will teach how to improve it there is no need to explain key moments ya i am big fan of igor it dose mean they should talk about igor only

    1. Dlugy is a bad coach.he is not a good coach in simple words I had previously seen his empire chess volume those DVDs he does not explain anything. Igor is the best.if you want to learn from dlugy then leave rca and Beg to dlugy for training. Come on man he is a bad coach.

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