How to Beat Stronger Opponents?

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Today, there is an overabundance of chess books, DVDs, and other educational materials. That’s why almost every chess player knows all the chess basics. Everyone knows what a weak square is, the center, a fork and other well-known strategic and tactical motifs. That’s why, nowadays, you need to have some unique skills if you want to beat an experienced or stronger opponent.
beating stronger opponentsThe quantities of strong players have considerably increased in the last few years. They play well. The problem is that all of them study the same chess books and programs and accumulate similar knowledge. That is why at a certain stage of your chess development you are faced with a question “How to beat a stronger opponent?” That’s why we can often only make a draw (as the best result) against a stronger opponent.

To address this question and to provide you with an effective solution, we launched the course “How to Beat Titled Players” a few years ago. However, some of the RCA students (who studied it) felt that they needed something more. They wanted some real-world practical examples on this topic – for example, a lower rated player defeating a higher rated player, and/or a club player defeating a titled player. Basically, they requested for some improvements to the course.

As we always do in RCA, we considered their requests quite seriously, and decided to improve the course. Thus born the upgraded version of the course, now titled, “How to Beat Stronger Opponents”! 🙂
how to beat stronger opponents

What’s new in this upgrade?

The following has been included in upgraded version:

1. Brand new lessons from myself (Igor) with a total duration of more than 60 minutes.
2. 50 new analyzed positions for the practical part which will help YOU better understand the concept and video lessons. These games are separated into 3 different categories.
3. A new e-book with all the video lessons in text format.
4. The PGN files with all games analyzed in the video lessons.

I’d also like to highlight the fact that ATTACK is one of the weapons to beat stronger opponents, but definitely not the only weapon. In the course “How to Beat Stronger Opponents” I will explain thoroughly all of these weapons. 🙂

you may like to watch our previous video lesson about 13-year old Magnus Carlsen defeating GM Sergey Dolmatov. The lesson deals with this topic – beating stronger opponents!

The course will be released on Monday, 5 February. I’d also like to emphasize that the course is NOT only for titled players, but for everyone, except for the world champion, as we all have stronger opponents. 🙂

P.S. If you have already studied the course “How to Beat Titled Players”, then you can get this upgraded version for FREE! I’ll provide you with more details soon.

Comments: 15

Comments 15

  1. Very good sir. This is Something very important that every chess player needs I have played Some tournament recently where I was finding difficult to beat higer higer rateds I hope this course will help me in beating higher rated players.

    1. Hi Anup,

      The 2nd edition of the course will contain the videos from the 1st edition as well (and of course there will be new lessons too). Hence, you’ll get all that you need in this new course.

      I hope you’ll enjoy it!

  2. I should like this update , for sure! Im in fact fascinated with the way you teach Chess. Ive never thought that it could exist “that” way to understand chess and to teach it as you do. I ve never thought that could be a possibility to go beyond masters like Eugene Znosko Borovsky, Raúl Capablanca or even Jeremy Silman. You were “beyond” my limited dreams. I feel free to say all this because Im not a Master, not more than an amateur, and chess is not my profession. You were lucky to also have so many and wonderful digital resources to present your books in so brilliant and beautiful shows.

    1. Hi Carlos,

      Thank you very much for your support and generous words!

      I’m very pleased to know that you enjoyed my lessons. Same with you, I’m fascinated by the deep understanding of chess that the old masters had. I try to follow their footsteps.

      Actually, most of the RCA followers are not professional chess players, including myself nowadays 🙂

  3. Hello Igor ,I want to know sequence for studying these courses .Ques1) For middlegame stage what will you recommend to study First Winning the middlegame or Your winning Plan. Ques2) For Attacking skills – 1) how to beat titled players . 2 Crushing the king and 3.your new course how to beat strong players. Please provide sequence for this too .

    1. Hi Anup,

      1) These 2 courses are not connected directly you may study them in any sequence. If you’re unsure – start from ‘Your Winning Plan’.
      2) Start from ‘How to Beat Stronger Opponents’ and then continue with “Crushing the king”. {there’s no need to study ‘How to beat titled players’ course as now you can get the 2nd edition – updated and extended.}

  4. Igor Smirnov is the best coach ever !!!!!!!!! , I am so happy that you are the author of this course 🙂

    I have part one and it is amazing 🙂

  5. thanks alto igor sir you are just brilliant chess coach this upgraded version will help us alot in understanding the game very much thank alot sir you are the best best

  6. This is good news, and great generosity from you our teacher, especially those who have studied a lot the first course like me..

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